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BREAKING TABOO at 4pm PST/7pm EST with guest Teri Ahlstrom discussing "The Scarlet Tramp Stamp", also the unholy Rev. Jeffrey Brunk with Legalizing Prostitution live streaming out of LA on New Dissident Radio Come get your Dissident on.

Top Story -The Scarlet Stamp Tramp
As a society we still embrace the ridiculous notion that “good girls don’t” while “bad girls do.” What is it they do or don’t do? Sex. Plain and simple. It doesn’t even have to be wild, kinky, bondage sex. If you’ve bumped naughty bits with more than a few men (exact number depends on who is judging you) you’re a ….slut. Pass me the scarlet tramp stamp please.

Slut’s a word that is spilling from a lot of lips lately, thanks in part to the on-going hysterics over a Duke University man-eating power point, AND the recent media tittering over right-wing female political candidates denouncing female sexuality or being covered in mud due to their own past “indiscretions.”  Why is it that the slut stamp can still be flung at women as a weapon? Some of the worst abusers ARE women.

The stereotype and name calling is stirring up a shit storm and bringing into question what exactly is feminism these days. It’s not about women’s domination over men, revenge for past wrongs, or even proving who is better. AND it shouldn't be about slut-bashing. The era of the femi-nazi is over...despite certain factions whining in morale outrage.

We’ve finally, finally entered a time in our society when a large number of women, particularly women in their prime, are becoming comfortable with their own sexuality. They are tossing off the restrictions placed on them by the values of others and making up their own minds about what they like, don’t like and who they want to do it with and how often. What right does anyone have to call women who are discovering their own sense of empowerment and equality, sluts? Think about the mixed messages this is sending to teen girls. No wonder we’re all fucked up.

Like priests who rant against gays while hiding little boys in their closets, me thinks the judgmental protest too much.
On the plus side I'd rather be called a slut than a narrow-minded, shriveled up, judgmental prude. Just sayin.


Here you're shunned as a slut, there you're stoned. or set on fire.

"We Love You Long Time...."
Contributed by the Unholy Rev. Jeffrey Brunk

Recently, the United Nations Human Rights Council dove little head first into the plight of sex workers in the United States. The report submitted by the Best Practices Policy Project, Desiree Alliance, and theSexual Rights Initiative focuses on civil and human rights violations of those engaged, or perceived to be engaged, in sexual trade and sex work in the U.S.

Prostitution is a dirty word, much like Cancer, colonoscopy and Snooki. Cancer is an unwelcomed reality of life. Colonoscopies are an unwelcome result of that reality and, well, Snooki happens whether we like it or not. However, the question of whether prostitution should be legal, even decriminalized, is a moral issue. Sex workers do not sell themselves. They sell a service and are paid for that service. 

Agreed, there is a plethora of pros an cons, tangent arguments and a seemingly insurmountable mountain of education needed in order to bring the stigma of those who choose to engage in sex work to the masses for consideration.

The advocates make a case for the humanizing of those holding fast to the oldest profession. Their reasoning "isn't that prostitution is great for women, or that trafficking and abuse aren't real threats. The proposition is pretty sane and simple, from a workers' standpoint: The sex trade, like many other "legal" jobs, falls on a wide spectrum of exploitation within a capitalist labor system. The work itself may represent realities that people find immoral or disturbing. But the people doing the work are more than mere proxies in a culture war; they're human, and that alone entitles them to equality before the law."

Guests Today:
I’m a regular gal who grew up all over the place as an Air Force brat. I married at 21, had three fantastic children and divorced after 18 years of a bad marriage. My kids are all in their twenties now, and have given me two beautiful granddaughters. At age 50, I’m living and loving in Virginia and learning to adapt to the southern lifestyle (after many years in Southern California). My wonderful partner of five years lives with me and I refer to him as Yummy (or Master, depending on the game we are playing). It was never my intention to become involved again in a long term relationship but he is an exceptional person who lets me be who I am, making no demands. I’ve discovered by observing other good relationships that the key foundation is mutual consideration and respect. I’ll now have no other kind of relationship in my life. I’m in the process of writing a book called, “Give a Man an Inch and He’ll Try to Give You All Six!” It should be completed by the time I’m 65. ;)
I have two main beliefs about men and women.
One is a quote by Katharine Hepburn ~ “If you want to exchange the admiration of many for the criticism of one, then go ahead and get married.” The other is that pussy is always the commodity.

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Breaking Some Taboos - Topics and Guest for Nov. 1

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Today on BREAKING TABOO we'll be discussing Male Stereotypes and Prison Myths, with an inside look at what prison is REALLY like with special guest Maury Lipschitz. Only on Monday 4pm PST/ 7pm EST

Happy Day of the Dead!

Alpha Who? Male Gender Roles
Shockingly little attention is given to male stereotypes in current society. Its as if men have fallen through the crack of awareness with ALL the focus on fixing the female roles. Which should be fixed, don’t get me wrong. There is still a glass ceiling in many industries and women are second class citizens in many cultures. BUT, the neglect in addressing how men are “defined” and how they define themselves is disturbing.  Because as the female role changes, so does the male.  A sociological imbalance has been created between what is taught to men and what they have to deal with in reality. Remember – we are constantly shaped subconsciously by the gender role messages and attitudes of our media, our education systems, our peers, and our families.

There is a serious catch 22 that is mostly ignored by not only society but by men themselves. The empty well that now exists creates an environment where some men long for the "good old days, when men were men and women were women" as illustrated by the popularity of shows such as Mad Men. But the men are left feeling incomplete and off balance, because of course, those days are gone.

It isn't that the male gender, specifically their subconscious, longs for women to be second class citizens and know their place. (Okay – some here in the south do, but they’re Neanderthals.)  To my mind, it is more of a hunger for a clearly defined role in society.

Most women KNOW what we are striving to achieve as women, and if we don’t there are a million magazines, Oprah, and self-help books and studies to tell us.  Men - on the other hand have been raised to believe that a real man cares for his family, gives them the good life, blah, blah, blah. But guess what, he struggles to achieve that in a society where women now contribute as much and in some cases more than the male in a family. So where does the self measurement of personal success come from then? The old gender models need to be addressed and not just discarded, but replaced with new measures. Because pressure to succeed as a “male”, to meet societal and familial expectations leads to shorter life expectancy, stress, heart problems, ulcers, alcoholism, crime, drugs, etc.  The fact is it is no longer needed or called for.  But society has failed to let the males of our culture know that.

Under the Big House - Prison Mythconceptions
American prisons and jails held over 2.3 million inmates in 2008. About one in every 18 men in the U.S. was behind bars or being monitored. The numbers have dropped in 2010 apparently do to reforms in sentencing but it’s still way the hell up there with the largest number of inmates by far being male.

Given the pressure to succeed at any cost, the innate aggressiveness that many males seem to have… and are encouraged to have – it really isn’t a surprise is it? As women step up to a more equal footing in society, the number of women in prisons is rising. Stress, fear, greed, anger, hatred, desperation – these are all factors that can contribute to someone making a bad decision that leads them down the merry road to prison hell.

I’ve now heard several times: the only difference between a convict and everyone else is that we were just never been caught. We all have done something wrong at one point in our lives. Something illegal. Something that breaks the law of the land.

Prison used to be the boogyman land. We were told you went to prison and had to work in chain gangs, survive knife fights, deal with being raped nightly. It was a place to live in terror of because the men came out worse than they went in.

Somehow that changed and suddenly prison is practically a country club, with inmates passing their time with free meals, television, gym, free schooling and no pressure to have to deal with the “real world.”  Especially for those white collar criminals. They have plush cells and their own internet. If it wasn’t for the prison gangs still trying to make everyone their bitches, it would probably be a damn fine vacation. That’s why criminals can’t be rehabilitated – they don’t mind going back in. Jail is a free ride for them on the backs of the tax payers. Oh and don’t forget, they all claim they’re innocent.

Guess what. We’ve got most of it all wrong. Maybe it’s the fault of the media, movies, television, word of mouth or a combination of all those. Maybe it’s the fault of fear.


What Maury sez about Maury Lipschitz:
"Maurice Lieb Lipschitz - 43 years old, ex-con, securities fraud, conspiracy to commit wire fraud

60 month sentence-----early release 27 months

College athlete (Wrestler)

Went to Wall Street the day after graduation from college.

Started career at Lehman Brothers-----Institutional and retail stock broker for 13 years in NYC

Ran an OTC trading desk----produced daily research reports, managed investment portfolios

High School Rock and Roll star. Artist. Sometimes insecure, but always love people.

Over achiever----fear of failure sometimes becomes an obsession.

All-in kind of person....never goes half-way.

Catholic.....but chose the most Jewish sounding name I could think of to play the obnoxious super agent to the stars, as my alter-ego.

Hates religion...loves spirituality. Religion is a farce made up by men.....but I believe in the power of positive thinking and focus to achieve goals. Entrepreneur. Owner of several small businesses.

Likes to talk about the market------LOVES to talk about health and fitness.

I love to find things to laugh about every day.

Don't think I've ever turned my back on anybody that asked for my help.

I know prison life. It ain't fun."

My additional two-cents about Maury:
Part comedian, part smart-ass, part genius, part big-hearted softy (shhh - don't tell him i said that) - he knows about surviving prison life and coming out the other side with a renewed drive for life.