Monday, July 11, 2011

BREAKING TABOO - Can’t See the Forest for the Killing Fields

by Lakota Phillips

The politicos have been demanding for months that Americans “suck it up,” stop whining, tighten their belts, deal with the realities of unavoidable cuts to social programs, to healthcare programs, to education and pretty much anything and everything that provides any modem of support to a nation crumbling under a devastating economic crash and staggering unemployment.  Yes somehow, with an awesome debt of $14.3 trillion hanging like the proverbial albatross from America’s neck, our fearless leaders found a way to ADD $17 billion to the Defense Department budget.

Has anyone stopped to point out to the DOD and our President and our fine, upstanding leaders on the Hill that if they keep this shit up there won’t BE ANYTHING to DEFEND?

What – you’re going to feel all mighty and patriotic defending a land filled with starving, miserable people who have lost hope and no longer give a fuck? It is political grandstanding still. It is territorial pie fighting. It is a very clear indication that the Powers That Be don’t have a fucking clue because I guarantee that THEIR lives will not be impacted by the changes to social security, by eliminating arts and education programs, by slashing and burning health programs. It doesn’t touch them. All they can see is their fucking slice of American money pie. Eat up. You’re serving it over the killing fields layered with the bones of the citizens of this country.
As our esteemed President said today “he's prepared to take "significant heat" from his party over certain elements of the deficit reduction deal he's currently negotiating.” I’m sure he is.

HIS kids won’t go hungry tonight. But hey, that’s okay because as our President pointed out today, ours can “eat peas.”

BREAKING TABOO - Thrown Under the Jezebel Bus

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Thrown Under the Jezebel Bus
A 15 year old girl gets a life sentence in Mississippi for the miscarriage of her baby.  Georgia tries to pass legislation that would mandate the women would need to PROVE their miscarriages occurred naturally.  Extremist anti-abortion groups are pushing to outlaw contraceptives, saying by killing sperm they are committing infanticide. Four states have defunded Planned Parenthood and a new Ohio law bans abortions as early as six weeks without exceptions for rape or incest. Over half the states have introduced fetal homicide laws intended to be used against violent attacks by third parties. Instead the laws have been turned on the pregnant women. In South Carolina, only one case has been brought against a man for assaulting a pregnant woman, while 300 women have been arrested under the same law. In Alabama at least 40 cases have been brought under the state’s “chemical endangerment” law.

Drugs and pregnancy bad. So is smoking and pregnancy. So is alcohol and pregnancy. So is horseback riding and sometimes bike riding and…. Well – there’s a number of things that can endanger a pregnancy. Tripping and falling included. Will women who have miscarriages by any of those means also face jail time? See the thing is this – with cases like the 15 year old girl, there is no proof that she did drugs while pregnant or that she intended to harm her baby. Yes she drank rat poison but with the intent to commit suicide, not murder. Ten years ago she would have been seen as needing psychiatric help. Today they dredge up a 130 year old law that has never been used to throw a CHILD into prison. For life. This is the society we have become.
Women are systematically being shoved back into the dual role of the subservient breeder and the evil destroyer bitch.

When you pile all together the outlandish legislation that has been aggressively shoved to the political forefront by anti-abortion fanatics in the past 8 months; the hostile and often shocking news stories that depict girls and women as willing rape victims (they were asking for it by how they were dressed or where they had the audacity to venture); the subtle (or not) media witch burnings of women that somehow manages to make completely intelligent people forget that we used to be proud of our innocent until proven guilty system of justice; and a very frightening picture begins to emerge.  Just as women begin to find an equal place in society where we comprise over half of the workforce, have more advanced college degrees than men, and are shattering the crippling stereotypes and social behavior patterning that have inhibited generations – we suddenly have this unbelievably aggressive attack and vilification of women.  I don’t think it is “men” fighting in patriarchal terror, because there are just as many women casting their own gender under the Jezebel bus. I do think it is a desperate fight by narrow-minded religious fanatics who have risen to political power and are now using that power to “set things right” by any means necessary. Their “right” is so very ethically wrong. 

Hey if they can legally reinstate witch burnings in Australia in 2010, then I supposed we’re being civilized by throwing our teens into jail for life for having a miscarriage.