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Breaking Taboo - Topics for Today's Show

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BREAKING TABOO: The Ugly Reality Behind the Anti-Rape Condom Sensation

A doctor in South Africa created an anti-rape device with plans to distribute it during the World Cup there this year. It hit the international news in a big way.


"Rape-aXe is essentially a female condom with hooks inside. A woman can insert the device with an applicator similar to that of a tampon. Should she be raped, the hooks attach to the rapist’s penis, just in the skin, not deep enough to draw blood. Impossible to dislodge, the device will need to be removed by a doctor, resulting in the rapist’s inevitable arrest."

Sound  barbaric? Sound like a recipe for disaster? What it sounds like to me is a desperate attempt to fight back for the 1 in 2 woman who are raped there every year. A woman is raped every 17 seconds in South Africa NOT including child rapes.

A girlfriend who lives there carries condoms just in case she is attacked and in hope the rapist will use it. With the HIV epidemic there, rape CAN be a death sentence for the victim.


And forget reporting it because the cops are as likely to rape you as the soldiers, street gangs, and any number of other males living there that believe the women “enjoy” the rape.

Truth is only 1 in 36 rape cases is reported and only 15% see a conviction. Guess what, Islamic zina (fornication) law applies to many of the women so they’re liable to be whipped or stoned for reporting the rapes.


Despite the media reports, Rape-axe is only an idea, not a reality. Dr. Sonnet Ehlers managed to raise a whopping $120 in donations to distribute 30,000 of the devices at the World Cup. The Vagina Dentata teeth snapped shut on itself. Sponges with razor blades are more affordable to desperate women who live in a daily state of fear. If I lived in South Africa I would absolutely wear one of those anti-rape condoms if they were available and take my chances on the rapist becoming more violent - because living in a barbaric reality calls for barbaric means of fighting back.


Breaking Taboo: Mother Nature's Door Swings Both Ways

Contributed by Rev. Jeffrey Brunk
Allegations of sexual abuse leveled against religious leaders are becoming almost fad-ish. The Catholic church is noteable for having holy men with a penchant for boys. But recently, Eddie Long, pastor of a predominately african-amer
ican Atlanta mega-church was called out by several young men for taking indecent, nay, homosexual liberties with them while acting as mentor, spiritual advisor and daddy-figure.
Now, in and of itself, sexually taking advantage of someone while in a position of religious authority can almost be considered as detrimental to someone's well-being as taking advantage of someone's emotions and fears while in a position of religious authority.

But, at the root of any same-sex encounter is a more pressing question ... one which can be posed applied to God-like, haughty pastors as easily as the seemingly 'straight' married man who decides to frequent restroom glory-holes in search of something which most consider forbidden - a same-sex encounter.
Are all men and women hard-wired to desire same-sex encounters or have we been taught and programmed to believe that same-sex desires, thoughts and encounters are wrong, which in turn goes against human nature?

The increasing frequency of revelations of homosexuality within religious institutions may suggest that, in the end (so to speak), human nature may have the final word, after all.

Thursday, September 23, 2010

The Naked Truth of Religion and Art

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Rodney Pople has caught the attention of the christian communities with his recent exhibition that depicts a combination of religious iconography and sexually explicit art. The art in the exhibit is powerful and stark - using famous works of religious art and church interiors combined with magazine collages of porn. Visually attacking the corruption in society by utilizing imagery such as  women having anal and oral sex, women with legs splayed showing genitalia on altars, as well as an altar boy on the cardinal's lap with genitals partially exposed.

Cardinal with Altar Boy - "in the cardinal's lap - echoing the classic pieta pose of the crucified Messiah - is an altar boy, his genitals partly exposed as he offers his own innocence to the figure of religious authority."
While i have no problem with porn personally, i can't deny that it works well as a symbolic reference to explotation, selling of one's self, as well as getting fucked over by society - figuratively and literally. Pople claims his works aren't religious critiques, which may or may not be true considering the power of religions on society. Some pieces are clearly darts thrown at the catholic church (such as Cardinal and Altar Boy), but given the recent exposure of the church's nasty secrets, it can also be taken in social context.

The outrage of the religious towards art that in any way makes a negative or critical statement is actually pretty fascinating. They behave as though their beliefs will be contaminated by the existence of the art. The outrage is often self defeating since it generally draws the public eye toward whatever they are protesting. I wonder if any of the protesters viewed Pople's exhibition before setting up a prayer vigils outside the gallery or if they protested blindly on what they had "heard" the show was about.

I don't take issue with the religious sects that protest use of their sacred icons in art. It is their right. I do take issue with anyone censoring and demanding that the art may not be shown, thereby trying to dictate what someone like me can view and learn from. The world does not revolve around their singular religious beliefs, as shocking as they might find that. The world is bigger and more diverse than that. Considering the many crimes against humanity that are tied to most, if not all religions, it is only natural that artists - the visual historians and cultural seers of society - should dig down deep into those areas, ripping off the hypocritical facades.

By the way - should you think - well, that's Australia - it has no relevance here... try bringing that show here and see what happens. America is embracing censorship - especially on anything related to religious topics. I wonder if we would even allow the show in the country. After all we have to protect the innocent minds of the population from the naked truth.

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Breaking Taboo Topics - Sept. 20

Breaking Taboo today 4pm PST on New Dissident Guests Simone Elizabeth and Saxon Day . Topics: 2 + 1 = Testosterone Fantasy; It’s a Period, not the Bloody Plague; Listener Call-in: Is Txt Killing the English language? Call 323-284-5532 - i'm hoping to have time to take at least two callers. Podcasts of shows available on


2 + 1 = Testosterone Fantasy
If I had to guess at the percentage of hetero males that fantasize about a little ménage action with two women I think I’d be pretty safe to conservatively guesstimate 90-95%. Everyone knows guys like the idea of having sex with two hot women. But bring lesbianism into the conversation and they flinch, scowl or sneer. They lust for some girl on girl, but by goddess the girls better be straight. Not gay. Not bi-sexual. The paradox is mind-boggling. They go nuts over seeing two girls flirt but definitely want to be the center of that attention. Bring up some guy on guy (hey turnabout is fair play) and almost to the man, they’ll run screaming from the room. Why is it okay for “them” to lust for some kinky threesomes but not women? I should clarify – we can lust for a ménage as long as it includes another straight female and one guy.

Threesome fantasies aren’t for everyone but the popularity of threesome porn and erotica has grown over the past five years. It is amusing to note that in porn it is typically the 2 girls and 1 guy, while in erotic romances it is typically 2 guys and 1 girl. And not always with the guys totally focused on the woman. Some of the hotter stories include some bi-sexual play. I’m thinking women in general are just a wee bit more open minded about sexual exploration than men. Bi-sexuality is one of those topics that repels and fascinates the majority. There seems to be some bizarre perception that a person who is bi is confused, conflicted or can’t make their damn mind up. There’s a certain amount of scorn from both the gay and the hetero communities. Personally, I applaud those that are comfortable enough with their own sexuality to admit that they find both genders attractive and brave enough to embrace that attraction. The attitudes are changing, slowly – but they ARE changing. Teens today have no problem admitting they are bisexual or exploring both genders while dating. Makes sense to me. How do you know what you like unless you try it?


It’s a Period, not the Bloody Plague
A consumer letter to Proctor and Gamble bitchslapping some marketing genius that decided to put “Have a Happy Period” on each Maxipad got me thinking about menstruation and how it is viewed as something nasty, unfortunate, distasteful and definitely not to be discussed in polite society. Ask your significant other to run to the store and grab you some tampons and pads – some men will flat out refuse, while others see it as a mark of their generous sensitivity for complying. They’re just fucking female products. It shouldn’t be a big deal.

The irony is that menstruation is part of species creation. Without it – we ain’t got no peoples. So why has it been reviled throughout the ages? In the past women in countless cultures were secluded, so they couldn’t contaminate anyone. They were considered tainted during that time – or even all the time due to their “weakness.” Even today – having a period is seen as a flaw, a weakness, a detriment. Can’t have a woman president – she’ll blow the country up once a month. Please. We don’t get any more hormonal and emotional once a month than guys do while watching a football game. And we’re generally appeased with chocolate. Just don’t put any dumbass and insulting smiley faces on our feminine products, stay out of our way, agree to everything we say, and it’s all good.

With all the negatives in society tied to having a period – isn’t it bizarre than once a woman goes into menopause and STOPS having one – she is considered less of a woman? You would think with all the bitching that women and men do about menstruation that finally getting rid of “the curse” would be a cause for celebration. But being the contrary creatures we are – of course its not.

 “Spank It” – Listener Call-in topic
Is Texting and chat-speak killing the English language? Do other countries have the prevalent use of texting as well? Is chat-speak creating a universal language? Will spelling become a lost art, utilized only by professional writers? It is impossible to convey complex thoughts while 
chatting in high speed so will we lose our ability to comprehend complex thoughts eventually?
There is no doubt that texting, twittering, chatting online and condensing communications down to the bare bones to be banged out as fast as possible on computers and mobile phones is here to stay and growing popularity. But how is it affecting us and reshaping how we will communicate in the future, but also how we will think in the future?


Breaking Taboo Book/Art Pimp: "Naked" by Megan Hart 
There is something exquisitely satisfying in reading a story that is so well written, has such magnificently complex, REAL characters that the story digs under our skin and molds itself into our psyche. The first book I ever read of Megan's, "Broken" did that to me to
o. She writes stories that move me on a personal level, even if i have nothing in common with the characters. The situations, the layers of story have nuances that are relevant and resonate. If you have ever poo-poo'd reading a romance or erotica, i suggest you pick up this book. The brilliant and often humorous use of language will tickle you, while the characters will captivate. Olivia is conflicted, with her past impacting her choices as she struggles to come to terms with the issues she just doesn't know how to resolve so she can move beyond them. This is powerful story is a work of art and I applaud Megan. She is definitely one of the finest writers and artists I know.

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Damage Report - Do As I Say, Not As I Do

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Think of society as a scale. The aim of course is to maintain a perfect balance of ideas and community structure. Realistically, individual and group input tips the scale a little to the left, then a little to the right in a constant dance of “this is how things should be.”

It was no surprise to discover that uber conservative Amarillo, Texas is home to an art gallery and theater that is pushing radical, controversial arts into the public eye. The more rigid and moralistically uptight a community is, the more the artists in the community will try to rip back the hypocritical facades and reveal the truth laying underneath. The double talk of so-called community leaders like Reverend Grisham reeks to high heaven. In a perfect example of “do as I say, not as I do” he stated "you have to be cautious about what you promote (in art), because you might prompt a dangerous action based on those ideas." He promptly attempted to burn the Koran during the same damn week.

Nicely counterbalancing that type of religious fucktardedness in Amarillo are stage productions like "The Goat, or Who is Sylvia?" which contains references to incest, homosexuality and bestiality. Incidentally, the work won a Tony Award for best play in 2002.


Hypocrisy and subjective interpretation are common weapons used against the arts – especially art that is trying to show us something about ourselves and our societies. The loosely defined definitions of what is and is not obscene or inappropriate is a double-edged sword. It gives the illusion of freedom of expression while cloaking a giant bitchslap fist that enables individuals to impose their personal tastes and preferences on the creativity of others. Observations that true art that pushes the envelope must stand the test of time and prove itself by “longevity” is moronic and indicative of the nonsensical garbage that art critics spew. Please explain how art that is banned survives the censorship to prove its longevity to the public? But that’s okay. Really. Because artists are society’s rebels and hypocrisy is something we will push right past. We’ll just keep jumping up and down on the left side of that scale, forcing it back into balance.

For Anyone wanting to see the story of Rev. Grisham being thwarted from burning the Koran by a skateboarder, check this out:

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Breaking Taboo Topics for Sept. 13, 2010 - 4pm PST/7pm EST on

Breaking Taboo 4pm pst today live streaming from LA on with internationally known artist Ken Meyer Jr.(no "s") and the Unholy Rev. Jeffrey Brunk. We're talking idiot art stereotypes, online sex, and Douche Bag Island: Liberals Smarter than Conservatives?


Breaking Taboo - Blind to the Arts

Art is one of those areas that defies definition but that everyone seems to need to package up into a tidy box whenever possible.

The creative process is still the creative process and whether you're talking about applying oils to canvas or pen and ink to an illustration board - it ALL requires a certain level of skill and knowledge of the craft in order to create something with impact.

So why do people automatically elevate one kind of art while diminishing another? Illustration and comic art has some amazing talent tied to it - with artists that create moving, spectacular pieces of art. But because they have a tag of commercial application slapped on, the works are seen as... less.

Only a few illustrators and comic arts cross the threshold in the public eye from "art for kids" or "art for commercials" to "fine artists." 
Norman Rockwell of course comes to mind, as well as Frazetta - illustrators whose works have survived their commercial application to be vied for in auction houses.

Buying into the "its not as valid" myth are the artists themselves.
Part of the dilemma is many refuse to see themselves as anything more than illustrators. But take one of their paintings, put a frame on it, stick it on a gallery wall and the public will immediately embrace it as a fine work of art. The paradox is one that we as a society have created and perpetuate. The problem arises in that when something is dismissed, such as comic art - we (general public) deprive ourselves of SEEING - and the impact and gift of that art is lost.

Links form Ken:, she is a main character in this graphic novel, so she is all over the place...I have a few copies left) (some of these I did not worry about likenesses, like this one) (also from the gn)


Douche Bag Island - Pot Calling Kettle Black: Who is Smarter

A Psychology Today article surmises "more intelligent individuals are more likely than less intelligent individuals to espouse liberalism as a value."  The article has some interesting points but ultimately -it's a crock of speculative shit. And I say that as a liberal.

The entire hypothesis collapses due to weak conjecture and holes. The author tries to avoid the more liberal women and blacks are therefore more intelligent (according to his hypothesis) by saying race and gender don't count. Uh huh. Everything said could have been flipped the other way and turned into a counter-argument. Anytime ANYONE tries to slap a group into a generalized box and label it as smarter, dumber, better, worse - whatever... it smacks of narrow mindedness.

Trying to clump everyone together into some idiotic neat package reeks of schoolyard mentality. I'm not saying some conservatives aren't dumb as a box of rocks.... but then some liberals are as well. The dumb ones are usually those mindlessly spouting the ideas of others without having thought through their convictions.


Taboos: Flipping the Adult Dating Site Coin. I Choose Tails. Contributed by the Unholy Rev. Jeffrey Brunk

Most everyone is familiar with online dating sites such as eHarmony and But, every coin has two sides and the flipside of the saccharine sweet love matches those sites spawn is the more base, human nature-driven
 horizontal love matches that entice millions of curiously horny men and women to browse the myriad 'adult' dating sites in search of a carnal relationship. Long-term? Maybe, if FWB (Friends With Benefits) qualifies as long-term. 

The recent decision by Craigslist to discontinue the 'adult services' category only serves as a notice that the 'powers that be' consider those who utilized the services advertised in the adult category to be either psychopaths bent on exterminating masseuses and transgendered love machines or perpetually horny morons with a total lack of morals and self-control. Then, there are those who seemingly are morons, as is evidenced by the recent lawsuit launched by a gaggle of men against an adult dating site because they were unlucky in lust.

The pros and cons of online dating. There is something for eveyone, perfect and imperfect. The seamier side is thriving, undulating and thrusting itself into mainstream relationships. Slip into the latex, grab the webcam and hold on tight.

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Filling a Burning Need

 One of the most controversial arts celebrations in the world takes place in the middle of the desert every year. Attendance for the weekend isn't cheap. Admission runs from $300-$360 per person. It's nasty, dirty, gritty with an abundance of drugs, nudity and ... art. Over 199 pieces not including the artistry evident in the Burning Man cars and Burning Man costumes.

With the wretchedly poor economy (and we all know artists are some of the lowest on the income totem pole) why would attendance be up? Over 50,000 showed up to celebrate the unconventional from all over the world. In fact, Africa is starting a Burning Man event as well. Why? 
My theory: because as our societies become more repressed we need an outlet and a place where we can gather with the like-minded. Here you have an event that exemplifies freedom of expression. So OF COURSE it is going to draw the artists, as well as those that celebrate their right to think, feel, and enjoy freely - without the hypocritical constraints and standards  society imposes. Not everyone in society is content to be told you shall or you shall not. So often it's the artists that push back.

The giant effigy that is burned at the end of the event is said to be symbolic of a letting go - releasing of worries, materialism, social misery. I disagree. I think it's a giant fuck-you finger setting the night on fire - reminding society that while it can dictate it can't control. Not the thoughts and hearts of a people needing the freedom to express.

Attendance up? Yeah - I think more people are crossing that line over to the fuck-you side as cultures become more and more rigid and dictatorial. Excuse me while I go out back and build an effigy to burn...

Thursday, September 2, 2010

DAM Arts: Fighting for the Right to Express

Owen Maseko, a Zimbabwe artist, will go to trial next month for painting scenes of the 1980 Gukurahundi uprising, when 20,000 civilians were massacred by government troops. His art reopens discussions of oppression and violence in Zimbabwe. The images have been banned this week under the country's censorship laws effectively shutting down his ability to share his art and ideas with his people. 

Owen Maseko says “As an artist for the sake of the whole artist community, I have to challenge the ban. There is no way we can function as artists if we can’t be free to express ourselves. The most important thing as an artist is that we need to be relevant to the society we are living in.” 

The Media Institute of South Africa complained that the ban not only violates citizens’ right to freedom of expression but disregards the Banjul Declaration of Principles on Freedom of Expression in Africa. The declaration guarantees the right to impart information and ideas in print and art as a “fundamental and inalienable human right”. 

Maseko points out that if it goes to trial it means the police risk having the issue openly discussed and at the same time if they dismiss the case it means they automatically have to allow him to re-open the exhibition and the public can actually see it. The government is attempting to erase portions of Zimbabwe’s history.  

But pretending it doesn’t exist, won’t make it go away, instead it will allow the issues to fester. Allowing artists to touch the people - be their voice of anger, sorrow and outrage, provides an essential function in a society. Without it, the voiceless go mad.

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