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BREAKING TABOO: The Ugly Reality Behind the Anti-Rape Condom Sensation

A doctor in South Africa created an anti-rape device with plans to distribute it during the World Cup there this year. It hit the international news in a big way.


"Rape-aXe is essentially a female condom with hooks inside. A woman can insert the device with an applicator similar to that of a tampon. Should she be raped, the hooks attach to the rapist’s penis, just in the skin, not deep enough to draw blood. Impossible to dislodge, the device will need to be removed by a doctor, resulting in the rapist’s inevitable arrest."

Sound  barbaric? Sound like a recipe for disaster? What it sounds like to me is a desperate attempt to fight back for the 1 in 2 woman who are raped there every year. A woman is raped every 17 seconds in South Africa NOT including child rapes.

A girlfriend who lives there carries condoms just in case she is attacked and in hope the rapist will use it. With the HIV epidemic there, rape CAN be a death sentence for the victim.


And forget reporting it because the cops are as likely to rape you as the soldiers, street gangs, and any number of other males living there that believe the women “enjoy” the rape.

Truth is only 1 in 36 rape cases is reported and only 15% see a conviction. Guess what, Islamic zina (fornication) law applies to many of the women so they’re liable to be whipped or stoned for reporting the rapes.


Despite the media reports, Rape-axe is only an idea, not a reality. Dr. Sonnet Ehlers managed to raise a whopping $120 in donations to distribute 30,000 of the devices at the World Cup. The Vagina Dentata teeth snapped shut on itself. Sponges with razor blades are more affordable to desperate women who live in a daily state of fear. If I lived in South Africa I would absolutely wear one of those anti-rape condoms if they were available and take my chances on the rapist becoming more violent - because living in a barbaric reality calls for barbaric means of fighting back.


Breaking Taboo: Mother Nature's Door Swings Both Ways

Contributed by Rev. Jeffrey Brunk
Allegations of sexual abuse leveled against religious leaders are becoming almost fad-ish. The Catholic church is noteable for having holy men with a penchant for boys. But recently, Eddie Long, pastor of a predominately african-amer
ican Atlanta mega-church was called out by several young men for taking indecent, nay, homosexual liberties with them while acting as mentor, spiritual advisor and daddy-figure.
Now, in and of itself, sexually taking advantage of someone while in a position of religious authority can almost be considered as detrimental to someone's well-being as taking advantage of someone's emotions and fears while in a position of religious authority.

But, at the root of any same-sex encounter is a more pressing question ... one which can be posed applied to God-like, haughty pastors as easily as the seemingly 'straight' married man who decides to frequent restroom glory-holes in search of something which most consider forbidden - a same-sex encounter.
Are all men and women hard-wired to desire same-sex encounters or have we been taught and programmed to believe that same-sex desires, thoughts and encounters are wrong, which in turn goes against human nature?

The increasing frequency of revelations of homosexuality within religious institutions may suggest that, in the end (so to speak), human nature may have the final word, after all.

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