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Breaking Taboo Topics for Sept. 13, 2010 - 4pm PST/7pm EST on

Breaking Taboo 4pm pst today live streaming from LA on with internationally known artist Ken Meyer Jr.(no "s") and the Unholy Rev. Jeffrey Brunk. We're talking idiot art stereotypes, online sex, and Douche Bag Island: Liberals Smarter than Conservatives?


Breaking Taboo - Blind to the Arts

Art is one of those areas that defies definition but that everyone seems to need to package up into a tidy box whenever possible.

The creative process is still the creative process and whether you're talking about applying oils to canvas or pen and ink to an illustration board - it ALL requires a certain level of skill and knowledge of the craft in order to create something with impact.

So why do people automatically elevate one kind of art while diminishing another? Illustration and comic art has some amazing talent tied to it - with artists that create moving, spectacular pieces of art. But because they have a tag of commercial application slapped on, the works are seen as... less.

Only a few illustrators and comic arts cross the threshold in the public eye from "art for kids" or "art for commercials" to "fine artists." 
Norman Rockwell of course comes to mind, as well as Frazetta - illustrators whose works have survived their commercial application to be vied for in auction houses.

Buying into the "its not as valid" myth are the artists themselves.
Part of the dilemma is many refuse to see themselves as anything more than illustrators. But take one of their paintings, put a frame on it, stick it on a gallery wall and the public will immediately embrace it as a fine work of art. The paradox is one that we as a society have created and perpetuate. The problem arises in that when something is dismissed, such as comic art - we (general public) deprive ourselves of SEEING - and the impact and gift of that art is lost.

Links form Ken:, she is a main character in this graphic novel, so she is all over the place...I have a few copies left) (some of these I did not worry about likenesses, like this one) (also from the gn)


Douche Bag Island - Pot Calling Kettle Black: Who is Smarter

A Psychology Today article surmises "more intelligent individuals are more likely than less intelligent individuals to espouse liberalism as a value."  The article has some interesting points but ultimately -it's a crock of speculative shit. And I say that as a liberal.

The entire hypothesis collapses due to weak conjecture and holes. The author tries to avoid the more liberal women and blacks are therefore more intelligent (according to his hypothesis) by saying race and gender don't count. Uh huh. Everything said could have been flipped the other way and turned into a counter-argument. Anytime ANYONE tries to slap a group into a generalized box and label it as smarter, dumber, better, worse - whatever... it smacks of narrow mindedness.

Trying to clump everyone together into some idiotic neat package reeks of schoolyard mentality. I'm not saying some conservatives aren't dumb as a box of rocks.... but then some liberals are as well. The dumb ones are usually those mindlessly spouting the ideas of others without having thought through their convictions.


Taboos: Flipping the Adult Dating Site Coin. I Choose Tails. Contributed by the Unholy Rev. Jeffrey Brunk

Most everyone is familiar with online dating sites such as eHarmony and But, every coin has two sides and the flipside of the saccharine sweet love matches those sites spawn is the more base, human nature-driven
 horizontal love matches that entice millions of curiously horny men and women to browse the myriad 'adult' dating sites in search of a carnal relationship. Long-term? Maybe, if FWB (Friends With Benefits) qualifies as long-term. 

The recent decision by Craigslist to discontinue the 'adult services' category only serves as a notice that the 'powers that be' consider those who utilized the services advertised in the adult category to be either psychopaths bent on exterminating masseuses and transgendered love machines or perpetually horny morons with a total lack of morals and self-control. Then, there are those who seemingly are morons, as is evidenced by the recent lawsuit launched by a gaggle of men against an adult dating site because they were unlucky in lust.

The pros and cons of online dating. There is something for eveyone, perfect and imperfect. The seamier side is thriving, undulating and thrusting itself into mainstream relationships. Slip into the latex, grab the webcam and hold on tight.

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