Sunday, October 31, 2010

Massa Sage Where ARE you?

Southern Sage blog is gone, his facebook is closed, his email account deleted. It doesn't look good for finding out how one of my long time friends is doing.
It's karma in a way I suppose considering I have up on vanished online several times on people due to various  "issues". There is a real sorrow in losing someone you've known for years, knowing you are unlikely to hear their special brand of humor, delight in their wit and just know they are there for you to reach out to when you need them.
Where ever you are out there Massa Sage - hope you're doing well and thanks for the wonderful friendship.
~laying flowers on the grave of your alter ego and shedding a tear~

Monday, October 25, 2010

B REAKING TABOO -The PAges Are Stuck Together So We Can't Finger the Remote Control

contributed by Rev. Jeffrey Brunk 

Last week, the Parents Television Council mis-placed their collective remote control and picked up a GQ magazine. One can only imagine that a soccer dad has a stash of GQ, Maxim and Details magazines hidden in the spare tire compartment of the family truckster. Unfortunately for him, while mommy was vacuuming stale Cheerios from the trunk she stumbled across the stash and discovered, to her horror, that cast members of the television show 'GLEE' were involved in a sexualized photo spread in the latest GQ. 

The Council has spoken. Council president Tim Winter claims the photos border in pedophilia and are nearly pornographic. The group is correct in stating that GQ is an adult male magazine. The group, however, fails to mention that the female cast members in question, Lea Michell and Dianna Agron, are both in their mid-twenties. The PTC also suggests on its website that 'America's Funniest Home Videos' may not be suitable for families due to 'occasional nudity, usually a bare baby's bottom.' 

At issue is more than a photo spread of young, clothed women nestled between three hundred pages of advertisements for men's fashion and grooming needs. Those more open-minded individuals might wonder why a Television watchdog group bent on censorship is now policing print media. The PTC will claim it is an on-going effort to shield little Chelsea and Johnny from the evils of the adult world. Stand in a checkout line at your local supermarket and peruse the plethora of women's mags that blare pictures and headlines about celebrity sex lives. Where is the PTC outrage? Dads nationwide will now be TiVo'ing 'GLEE' in order to better educate themselves on its lurid, 'hyper-sexualized' cast. They also want their magazines back.

BREAKING TABOO - Pervin’ on Porn

Join me on BREAKING TABOO  with very special guest Porn Star and Director Rebecca Lord discussing the Porn Industry. Also joining us is the Unholy Rev. Jeffrey Brunk covering the PTC Not Feeling the Glee. Live streaming from LA at 4pm PST/7pm EST. Station Link: - listen anywhere in the world. 

 Pornography is going to bring about the moral decay and collapse of society. It’s been working on it for the last… ohhhh… 30,000 years, give or take a millennium or two.
Greeks and Romans had erotic sculptures and frescos showing homosexuality, orgies and more, while in India the Kama Sutra was being snatched off the scroll shelf by the boatload. Ancient Peru got their kink on with ceramic pottery and the Japanese   perv’d to erotic woodblock prints, and the Chinese turned dildo-making into an art form. Actually, the oldest verified dildo is from 30,000 years ago. How much you want to bet it played a starring role in a little Palaeolithic voyeurism?

The likelihood of porn bringing about the collapse of civilization – probably not all that great, unless you count it as a 30,000 year downward spiral. According to some sources, the highest users of porn are teens, with more than 11 million regularly viewing porn online. Worldwide, there are 4.2 million pornographic websites, 420 million pornographic web pages, and 68 million daily search engine requests. I’m not sure how they got their teen stats since I’m pretty sure most teenagers wouldn’t confess to viewing porn – even though they do. And have. Since the beginning of time.

The news is speckled with stories of porn stars who reveal the “truth” about porn. In almost every case they seem to have left the porn industry to either work for a sex addiction clinic, promote a book about the evils of porn, joined a ministry, or in some way ditched the horns for the halo agenda. Really, isn’t that still just selling themselves in a different way? And while most of us don’t sell our sexual talents, almost everyone who works has to sell themselves on a regular basis. So get the fuck over the hypocrisy and holier than thou judging already.

Is it a risky business? Definitely as highlighted by the recent HIV scare. Does it entail dumbassedness – yup – just look at the lack of mandatory condom use. But there is a mix of truths and lies about the porn industry. Which is true and which is false depends on who you ask. So we’re asking Rebecca Lord.

True or False - the porn industry:
-Industry is rife with violence and coercion.
-Only perverted men and boys enjoy it.
-Porn stars are dumb and can’t get a better job.
-Normal / nice women don’t like porn.
-Porn degrades women.
-Male porn stars have to take Viagra.
-Most porn is outside the sexual mainstream and depicts depicting bestiality, pedophilia, rape and BDSM.
-Drugs and sexually transmitted diseases are rampant.
-There is no supporting data connecting porn with criminal behavior.
-Strippers and porn actresses are just college students looking to make some extra money.
-Female porn stars become lesbians because they get tired of all that dick day in and day out.
-75%-90% of porn performers are prostituted women.
-Porn actors have personal backgrounds of abuse and neglect.
-Once you’ve worked in the Porn industry no one will take you seriously as an actor, dancer, etc.

Sunday, October 24, 2010

HEADS UP (no pun intended)

You don't want to miss Monday's BREAKING TABOO and my very special guest Porn Star and Director Rebecca Lord discussing... you get one guess. (heh) Also Unholy Rev. Jeffrey Brunk covering the PTC Not Feeling the Glee. Live streaming from LA on at 4pm PST/7pm EST. 

Station Link to listen anywhere in the world. 

Cuz we wanna help you get your dissident on.

A Bit About Rebecca Lord
Rebecca has been in every major magazines in the US (except for Playboy, cuz her boobies just aren't big enough she says.) and UK, France and has been the number one porn star in Japan for several years. She is also the first porn star to tour Japan since Tracy Lords.

She has appeared in over 200 porn movies and directed and produced several videos she's starred in. She became  less active in porn movies but hasn't retired. She has been married to the same man since the age of 17.

Rebecca's latest movie as a director is "The Secretary" for French Production Marc Dorcel will be released in November this year. 
Her Movie and Magazine lists can be found here:
Her website: 

On a personal note - Becca has been an online friend for over two years and has one of the most wicked senses of humor of anyone I know. The woman is bloody brilliant and has an enormous heart. I've adored her forever so having her on the show is a special treat for me.

Monday, October 18, 2010

BREAKING TABOO Stories for Monday October 18

Wahoo! Breaking Taboo Archives are available here:

It's going to be a super hot Breaking Taboo with erotica authors Eden Bradley-Eve BerlinCrystal Jordan, and Between the Sheet's Lora Somoza - it's all about the taboos surrounding masturbation & objectifying men as sex objects. Live streaming on today at 4pm PST/7pm EST. Podcasts available after the show on station website. 


Two-Finger Tango
Masturbation is word of the week…month… maybe the year, thanks to dorky O’Donnell. As much as I dislike her ideas, I approve of the dialog that her bumbling has sparked. The word masturbation is shrouded in shame, denial, fear, loneliness and perceptions of perversion.

This is especially true when it is associated with women. Society has created an absurdly contrary stereotype: women who never masturbate and are less than sexually enthusiastic are prudes; while women who not only enjoy some Clit’o’rama but also talk  about it and admit to being sexually liberated are labeled as sluts. Granted, most women fall somewhere in the middle of that – they masturbate, enjoy sex, but don’t openly discuss it. The problem with that is silence feeds the misconceptions and outright falsehoods that surround a topic like masturbation. It perpetuates the cycle among the youth as they mimic the shame of the adults around them. Children are told it is abnormal, not natural, when in truth it is very much a natural act. Shame lays the bricks for the tower of sexual repression in our society.

There is less of a stigma attached to men masturbating because you know, they just can’t control themselves, sexual beasts that they are. Medical studies point to masturbation as an aid in preventing prostrate cancer. For women there are apparently no benefits except pleasure. I fail to see why that’s a problem.


Gimme Your Studly Sex
Men have been objectifying women as sex objects since…well… forever.
I’m told by male friends objectification is alive and well, particularly in certain cultures. Worst case dehumanizes the subject to the point where the offender treats the object of lust with disrespect and abuse. But for most, objectification takes the shape of lust, fantasy, and in some cases those desires are acted upon for a meaningless bumping of naughty bits. This is where the old double-standard rears its ugly head.
When a woman objectifies men, pretty much turning the tables, she’s greeted with disbelief and shock. She’s a whore if she’s had more than a handful of lovers. Yeah - even in the 21st Century. Go figure. She’s a slut if she admits she just wanted him for his big cock and hard body.

It’s ridiculous that a powerpoint about a woman’s conquests went viral and made the news. The attitudes of society with its “girls must act this way, while boys can act any old way they want” is totally delusional. Wake up. Women ARE sexual creatures. An enormous percent of women LOVE sex. And a growing number aren’t ashamed of it. In fact – women are beginning to celebrate their own sexuality in record numbers. We look at male eyecandy and drool. We nudge our girlfriends and make raunchy sexist remarks about tight male butts. And it’s not because the men are lined up begging to be objectified. Although they are.

Forget all the feminist propaganda and political correctness bullshit for a moment. Women are every bit as mentally naughty as men and objectify men ALL the time. Sometimes (gasp) they even act on it and enjoy an evening of no-strings sex. It doesn't make the women sluts or whores. Just sexually confident and on the same playing field as men.
What we're really talking about are choices between consenting adults with the woman taking the initiative. Truly the how, what and wherefore, are no one else’s damn business. So stop with the judging.
Now drop your jeans and bend over so I can check out your ass.

Monday, October 11, 2010

Breaking Taboo - on

Guests Jacqueline Frank and Reverend Jeffrey Brunk

4pm pst - 5pm pst on

Free Podcasts available for download 24-48 hours after the show.

In Sane Artists
I’ve said this many times in discussions, artists have the biggest egos and the greatest insecurities of anyone. It takes giant cohones to think that you can create something unique and original and then put it out there for the world to see and rip apart. Because artists invest so much of themselves into their creations, they also battle vicious insecurities. This stewpot of emotion is spiced by peers who view those artsy types as …well, not quite right in the head. Some critics blame the father of label slapping, Freud, for promoting the theme of artistic madness, but historically, that perception pre-dates his psycho-babble.
Examples of famous artists who have been termed "crazy artists" include Charles Dickens, Virginia Woolf, Leo Tolstoy, John Keats, SylviaPlath, Tennessee Williams, Samuel Taylor Coleridge, Edgar Allan Poe, Paul Gaugin, Michelangelo and of course the poster child  - Vincent Van Gogh.
Some battled with depression, others with alcohol and/or drugs. But is that a symptom of seeing too much, of perceiving the world differently or visa versa? Okay, so It’s true a good number of artists tend to be emotional. A dispassionate artist is a rarity.
Were they labeled as insane, eccentric or outright nuts by their societies because they didn’t quite fit into the “normal” box of that particular time? Or because they defied convention, had original thoughts and heaven forbid – expressed them? If you define abnormal as the opposite of normal, but normal is something that fluxuates depending on the culture and the point in history – then really who are the crazy ones? Those that live outside the imposed boundaries or those that choose to bind themselves up with them?
There is no doubt that most artists tend to see themselves as somewhat separate or mentally existing outside general society, but aside from playing on the freedom that eccentricity allows, most are not and do not consider themselves crazy. It doesn’t take insanity or depression to create great art. The myth that suffering equals great art is a lie that needs to die. Usually the opposite is true, since critical and original thinking require heightened awareness and the ability to make huge jumps in logic and creative problem solving.
In fact, if you ask most intensely creative people, they will tell you, they are by and far much more sane than the majority of humanity that lives an uninspired existence.

Contributed By Jeff brunk
Who Put Date-Rape Drugs in the Holy Water?
It's been an embarrassing time lately for the flocks, brethren. It seems that the Shepherds who preacheth hypocrisy have been leading the flocks into a dark acre of the pasture, dropping trou and taking Jesus for a ride down the ol' dirt road. Baaaa'd shepherd!
Westboro Baptist Church resident lump of clay Fred Phelps, Louisiana pastor Martin Denesse, Albert Mohler, the Southern Baptist leader who calls yoga an anti-Christian practice .... they have each been busy gaining notoriety for absurdities while blatantly displaying hypocritical behavior that contradicts the very messages contained in the Holy Tomes that they so revere.
It's quite disconcerting that Lindsay Lohan is continually locked up and forced to wear an ankle bracelet to monitor her alcohol intake yet 'tards like Phelps and his crop of dingleberries can spew fallacies and hatred at a funeral without fear of reprisal due to religious freedoms. More disconcerting is that backwards-thinking, ignorant religious leaders like Phelps and his ilk have hundreds if not thousands of faithful followers who will swallow anything that their shepherd tells them as being the verbatim words and will of God ... with the exception of another man's phallus, unless it is determined that Jesus truly was gay. Then it's going to be an 'every man for himself' melee as Phelps runs naked through the streets of Washington, dingus in hand, aiming to 'Stick it to the man', quite literally.
There is little wonder why many of the world's religions look at Christianity as a blight upon humanity. Not all Christians are bad. Most are fine people, as are their respective pastors. What fringe leaders such as Fred Phelps equate to are the suicide bombers of radical Islam and al Queda, the rock throwers in Gaza and the ignorant publicity-seeking dimwits of politics (Hello, Christine O'Donnell). For now, we can raiseth our hands to the sky, beckon the Great Energy of the Universe to send extra energy to these creatures of mental deficits and hope that the added ampage blows their bulbs. Who wouldn't love for Fred Phelps to be blown.

Monday, October 4, 2010

Breaking Taboo - Gimme my Fame at Any Cost

From the sleaze wallowing studio gutter of the Jerry Springer Show to the invasive videocams of young boys having sex and posting it online, we have created a society that no longer knows shame nor stops to consider consequences. We want it now, we want it free and we want it with little or nowork, thank you very much. Welcome to the by-product of a fast food society.
Technology has made privacy a cherished privilege. It is supposed to be a right.
Where is the line between filming a police officer punching a young girl in the face to posting a young man’s sexual encounter online? It would seem obvious to me. There is a line where respect for the rights of others comes into play. The moral and ethical line has thinned as people forget common decency in their quest for popularity and fame.
There are even Do It Yourself guides on how to make yourself a viral hit online that includes taping someone being injured – cuz y’all know that shit it is so funny on you tube. Yeah but what if it is YOU being splashed across the world? Oh wait – half the viral videos ARE of people making total asses of themselves. I don’t have a problem with that. Just don’t try to ride to fame on the broken back of someone else.

This lack of sensitivity, as well as the psychological distance the internet provides has given birth to a new brand of bullying that is resulting in trauma, hate and suicides. From vengeful posting nude photos of an ex on social media to cyber-spying for frat house chuckles to viciously vilifying someone because of their sexual preferences – it all reflects a growing maliciousness in society.The “do unto others” credo has somehow become “do unto them before they do unto you so you get your fifteen minutes of fame.”

Breaking Taboo - The Misinformation Highway

One of the major disasters of the great information highway called the internet is information laziness. The other is gullibility. We see it in print and we not only swallow it, we regurgitate it and pass it on. Never stopping to consider that what we pass on as fact may actually be nothing but conjecture or outright lies. Being inundated with as much info that hits us constantly in the eyeballs, most people skim, grab and pass. Social media has taken this to a new level. 

We have to remember that we are now living in the balloon boy era, where people will lie, steal, cheat, slander and punk anyone and everyone if it will get them a viral moment of fame. Just because the news runs with a breaking story doesn’t mean its all true. A perfect example is the story I did on the Rape-Axe. If I had stopped at the first 8 or 9 stories while doing research I would have passed along the false information that the anti-rape condom is being distributed in South Africa. Only by digging deeper did I discover it was never released. The age of yellow journalism, where sensationalism is more important than veracity, has returned full force.
It’s all about the drama. 

So what does it matter if it’s true or not? After all it will be old news in 15 minutes. Welllll – guess what? Libel is alive and well, especially in our litigation happy culture. And people can be sued, for spreading false information via twitter and facebook, in addition to other communication avenues. Social media is technically considered a publishing platform, which means that publishing liabilities, copyrights, and other legalities apply.

As the man says “The world has fragmented into millions – if not billions – of tiny one-man media outlets.”

The moral? Don’t believe everything you read, online or in the news without doublechecking for the truth yourself. And definitely don’t pass it along as fact unless you are positive it is indeed fact.  It takes time and is a pain in the ass but do it or it may be your ass that is held over the fire someday.

Breaking Taboo - Stop Porn in Loveland

I love this title. It’s taken directly from a protestor’s sign in front of the Loveland Municipal Museum. We have another case of religious themed art causing the Christians to storm the castle… I mean gallery walls. I examined the art closely and below the word "orgasm" there is a boy giving a blowjob to what is clearly  "jesus in rapture" (as seen in thousands of works of art over the centuries) with a cross in the background.   Initially I cried foul, because the city's cultural services director told reporters that "Jesus is not having oral sex.”  Ummm – yeah lady, he is.  But as David pointed out on facebook, technically he’s not “having” oral sex –  it’s being done to him. Reminds me of a bunch of bad jokes about eating the body of Christ. Which may have been the artist’s intent.  Let's be clear on one thing. This isn't porn. I don't know about you but I definitely do not find the image of Jesus getting a blowjob sexually arousing. (follow link to view)

I don't deny the artist's right to make the art, the public's right to view, and the christians' right to protest. But i do take exception to Miss Verbal Two-Step twisting the truth like she’s a disciple of the School of “a BJ isn’t REALLY sex.”
And most importantly – this is displayed not in a privately owned gallery but in a city museum that children frequent and apparently without warnings of offensive content. Ehhh – yeah… I’m siding with the Christians on this one. And what if it had been a picture of Mohammed getting a blowjob? I do believe it would never have been displayed. Cuz I'm pretty sure in Islamic cultures that a BJ equals sex.


Additional NOTES:

What is porn? Media or photographs showing erotic or sexual behavior in a way designed to cause sexual arousal. Pornography is actually protected by the first amendment unless it is deemed obscene by the following criteria:

Image has sexually arousing appeal- as decided by the average person applying the standards of the community; portrays sexual conduct in an offensive way; and lacks serious artistic, literary, scientific, or political value.