Monday, October 4, 2010

Breaking Taboo - Gimme my Fame at Any Cost

From the sleaze wallowing studio gutter of the Jerry Springer Show to the invasive videocams of young boys having sex and posting it online, we have created a society that no longer knows shame nor stops to consider consequences. We want it now, we want it free and we want it with little or nowork, thank you very much. Welcome to the by-product of a fast food society.
Technology has made privacy a cherished privilege. It is supposed to be a right.
Where is the line between filming a police officer punching a young girl in the face to posting a young man’s sexual encounter online? It would seem obvious to me. There is a line where respect for the rights of others comes into play. The moral and ethical line has thinned as people forget common decency in their quest for popularity and fame.
There are even Do It Yourself guides on how to make yourself a viral hit online that includes taping someone being injured – cuz y’all know that shit it is so funny on you tube. Yeah but what if it is YOU being splashed across the world? Oh wait – half the viral videos ARE of people making total asses of themselves. I don’t have a problem with that. Just don’t try to ride to fame on the broken back of someone else.

This lack of sensitivity, as well as the psychological distance the internet provides has given birth to a new brand of bullying that is resulting in trauma, hate and suicides. From vengeful posting nude photos of an ex on social media to cyber-spying for frat house chuckles to viciously vilifying someone because of their sexual preferences – it all reflects a growing maliciousness in society.The “do unto others” credo has somehow become “do unto them before they do unto you so you get your fifteen minutes of fame.”

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Nit Wit said...

I blame Americas funniest videos and other shows like that. I never watched them after they started showing all the screwed up stunts people filmed just to get on the air. I also don't watch the same type of thing on You Tube. A lot of people have hurt themselves and even died just from that type of thing. This viral bullying is cruel and uncaring people can be, well people always have been. They just have an outlet now that makes it even easier to forget their humanity.
See I still come out here I just don't talk much over here. :)