Sunday, October 31, 2010

Massa Sage Where ARE you?

Southern Sage blog is gone, his facebook is closed, his email account deleted. It doesn't look good for finding out how one of my long time friends is doing.
It's karma in a way I suppose considering I have up on vanished online several times on people due to various  "issues". There is a real sorrow in losing someone you've known for years, knowing you are unlikely to hear their special brand of humor, delight in their wit and just know they are there for you to reach out to when you need them.
Where ever you are out there Massa Sage - hope you're doing well and thanks for the wonderful friendship.
~laying flowers on the grave of your alter ego and shedding a tear~


Unknown said...

I agree Lakota since I am one of people who like to stay in touch often & often wonder where some people have vanished to. I forgot my email to facebook one time and never could find a way back into the account but eventually set up another one so there are two out there but only one that is really active. Hope you are having a great weekend. Just got back from a cruise to Nassau & Freeport and have pictures posted at my blog there are 3 groups of shots.

Riff Dog said...

Possibly you already know this, but if not, he got outed a few months ago. Some former lover from high school or something took it upon herself to tell Sage's wife that he had a blog, flirted with lady bloggers, etc. The fallout wasn't pretty and he deleted everything, including email addresses. It's a very sobering story.

Sage's wife writes her feelings in the comments of this post:

Lakota said...

Ah well hell Riffy.
Sounds like he had some nasty wench out to hurt him and his wife.
I hope he and the Mrs. are doing well and that she believed the words everyone spoke saying how much he loved his family. It would be so sad if his alter-flirtlife combined with some nasty vengeful witch destroyed his happiness. The man had a bloody heart of gold.

Thanks for updating me - i had no idea. Much love to you Riffy xxx Kota

nitebyrd said...

Hi! 'Kota, sweetie!

It was very wicked and evil of the person who outed Sage because they hurt his wife, who had no right to be hurt. Sage is greatly missed and I hope every day that he and his family are doing well.

Lakota said...

Me too Nitey. I lost count of the number of times over the years when i was having some personal crisis that he popped off an email of encouragement - just letting me know his ear was available if i needed a friend.
smooches and butt pinch for you. xxxx