Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Today's Radio Show Topic - ART and Sex

you can find it all there at DAMaged Goods.

I've been reexploring erotic visual arts so this is a timely topic for me.
Anyone that wants to see examples of some of the erotic paintings i've been doing raise your hands.
On a separate note.... I saw a comment from Ozy and can i say SQUEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!
I should repost the Ozy erotica story.... oh wait - i'm all respectable now.... well as respectable as I get.
Oh who am I kidding - I'm not the least bit respectable.  :P

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Look What You've done

Heard this at the gym this morning and it has been playing in my head all morning - i finally found the group that sings it...

Song of the Day

Back to Blogging

Just a heads up to those of you that might still stick your head in here that i'm going to be back here, blogging miscellaneous crap and thoughts again like i used to. My little vacation in alternate realities has ended with something akin to a witch burning - boy was that fun let me tell you. Smoked bitch anyone? Lessons learned, moving on.

I am looking forward to attacking the canvases in the studio this weekend. One good thing about being an artist is when you have personal angst it translates to creative energy. I even have a new story floating around in my head and started a poem about burning bitches, i mean witches, this morning. Heh.

Okay - off to the gym to teach the elliptical who is boss. I'm tired of it kicking my ass every workout. Time to stomp it. :P

Addendum- thought at the gym: two broken people can't make a whole, no matter how much they might wish to. it's a truism isn't it?

Addendum 2 - yeah, yeah i'm in a philosophical mood today - on drive to work: there are people we meet that in an amazing short span of time can change us forever - their impact on us is that profound.