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BREAKING TABOO Stories for Monday October 18

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It's going to be a super hot Breaking Taboo with erotica authors Eden Bradley-Eve BerlinCrystal Jordan, and Between the Sheet's Lora Somoza - it's all about the taboos surrounding masturbation & objectifying men as sex objects. Live streaming on today at 4pm PST/7pm EST. Podcasts available after the show on station website. 


Two-Finger Tango
Masturbation is word of the week…month… maybe the year, thanks to dorky O’Donnell. As much as I dislike her ideas, I approve of the dialog that her bumbling has sparked. The word masturbation is shrouded in shame, denial, fear, loneliness and perceptions of perversion.

This is especially true when it is associated with women. Society has created an absurdly contrary stereotype: women who never masturbate and are less than sexually enthusiastic are prudes; while women who not only enjoy some Clit’o’rama but also talk  about it and admit to being sexually liberated are labeled as sluts. Granted, most women fall somewhere in the middle of that – they masturbate, enjoy sex, but don’t openly discuss it. The problem with that is silence feeds the misconceptions and outright falsehoods that surround a topic like masturbation. It perpetuates the cycle among the youth as they mimic the shame of the adults around them. Children are told it is abnormal, not natural, when in truth it is very much a natural act. Shame lays the bricks for the tower of sexual repression in our society.

There is less of a stigma attached to men masturbating because you know, they just can’t control themselves, sexual beasts that they are. Medical studies point to masturbation as an aid in preventing prostrate cancer. For women there are apparently no benefits except pleasure. I fail to see why that’s a problem.


Gimme Your Studly Sex
Men have been objectifying women as sex objects since…well… forever.
I’m told by male friends objectification is alive and well, particularly in certain cultures. Worst case dehumanizes the subject to the point where the offender treats the object of lust with disrespect and abuse. But for most, objectification takes the shape of lust, fantasy, and in some cases those desires are acted upon for a meaningless bumping of naughty bits. This is where the old double-standard rears its ugly head.
When a woman objectifies men, pretty much turning the tables, she’s greeted with disbelief and shock. She’s a whore if she’s had more than a handful of lovers. Yeah - even in the 21st Century. Go figure. She’s a slut if she admits she just wanted him for his big cock and hard body.

It’s ridiculous that a powerpoint about a woman’s conquests went viral and made the news. The attitudes of society with its “girls must act this way, while boys can act any old way they want” is totally delusional. Wake up. Women ARE sexual creatures. An enormous percent of women LOVE sex. And a growing number aren’t ashamed of it. In fact – women are beginning to celebrate their own sexuality in record numbers. We look at male eyecandy and drool. We nudge our girlfriends and make raunchy sexist remarks about tight male butts. And it’s not because the men are lined up begging to be objectified. Although they are.

Forget all the feminist propaganda and political correctness bullshit for a moment. Women are every bit as mentally naughty as men and objectify men ALL the time. Sometimes (gasp) they even act on it and enjoy an evening of no-strings sex. It doesn't make the women sluts or whores. Just sexually confident and on the same playing field as men.
What we're really talking about are choices between consenting adults with the woman taking the initiative. Truly the how, what and wherefore, are no one else’s damn business. So stop with the judging.
Now drop your jeans and bend over so I can check out your ass.

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