Monday, October 25, 2010

B REAKING TABOO -The PAges Are Stuck Together So We Can't Finger the Remote Control

contributed by Rev. Jeffrey Brunk 

Last week, the Parents Television Council mis-placed their collective remote control and picked up a GQ magazine. One can only imagine that a soccer dad has a stash of GQ, Maxim and Details magazines hidden in the spare tire compartment of the family truckster. Unfortunately for him, while mommy was vacuuming stale Cheerios from the trunk she stumbled across the stash and discovered, to her horror, that cast members of the television show 'GLEE' were involved in a sexualized photo spread in the latest GQ. 

The Council has spoken. Council president Tim Winter claims the photos border in pedophilia and are nearly pornographic. The group is correct in stating that GQ is an adult male magazine. The group, however, fails to mention that the female cast members in question, Lea Michell and Dianna Agron, are both in their mid-twenties. The PTC also suggests on its website that 'America's Funniest Home Videos' may not be suitable for families due to 'occasional nudity, usually a bare baby's bottom.' 

At issue is more than a photo spread of young, clothed women nestled between three hundred pages of advertisements for men's fashion and grooming needs. Those more open-minded individuals might wonder why a Television watchdog group bent on censorship is now policing print media. The PTC will claim it is an on-going effort to shield little Chelsea and Johnny from the evils of the adult world. Stand in a checkout line at your local supermarket and peruse the plethora of women's mags that blare pictures and headlines about celebrity sex lives. Where is the PTC outrage? Dads nationwide will now be TiVo'ing 'GLEE' in order to better educate themselves on its lurid, 'hyper-sexualized' cast. They also want their magazines back.

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