Monday, July 11, 2011

BREAKING TABOO - Can’t See the Forest for the Killing Fields

by Lakota Phillips

The politicos have been demanding for months that Americans “suck it up,” stop whining, tighten their belts, deal with the realities of unavoidable cuts to social programs, to healthcare programs, to education and pretty much anything and everything that provides any modem of support to a nation crumbling under a devastating economic crash and staggering unemployment.  Yes somehow, with an awesome debt of $14.3 trillion hanging like the proverbial albatross from America’s neck, our fearless leaders found a way to ADD $17 billion to the Defense Department budget.

Has anyone stopped to point out to the DOD and our President and our fine, upstanding leaders on the Hill that if they keep this shit up there won’t BE ANYTHING to DEFEND?

What – you’re going to feel all mighty and patriotic defending a land filled with starving, miserable people who have lost hope and no longer give a fuck? It is political grandstanding still. It is territorial pie fighting. It is a very clear indication that the Powers That Be don’t have a fucking clue because I guarantee that THEIR lives will not be impacted by the changes to social security, by eliminating arts and education programs, by slashing and burning health programs. It doesn’t touch them. All they can see is their fucking slice of American money pie. Eat up. You’re serving it over the killing fields layered with the bones of the citizens of this country.
As our esteemed President said today “he's prepared to take "significant heat" from his party over certain elements of the deficit reduction deal he's currently negotiating.” I’m sure he is.

HIS kids won’t go hungry tonight. But hey, that’s okay because as our President pointed out today, ours can “eat peas.”


Karl said...

Good evening Lakota,

With an apathetic populous that votes and forgets, those that get put into office become corrupted by the system. A system that the voters have allowed to happen. Three amendments to the constitution would be a start at changing this system of abuse.

1. The Congress or the President shall enact no law that does not equally apply to the Congress and the President as it does to the general populace.

2. The balanced budget amendment.

3. No member of Congress may serve more than two consecutive terms.

Until the voters demand that the people they're voting for implement and uphold the equality between themselves and their constituents. They're going to keep taking and you're going to keep giving.

How many of your readers and listeners are growing gardens to feed themselves. 20% of people are on some form of government subsidy. This is not acceptable. How many of these people have cell phone accounts, pay for music on the Internet or use other necessary funds used for discretionary purchases? How many of these people never look at a label when they purchase an item. And don't realize that they've sent all of their jobs away. Because of corrupt unions and government regulations. And yes gov't loopholes that make offshoreing jobs cheat. Every time they buy something that's made in China or India. They're giving up jobs here.

You complain about DOD's budget. I would suggest that you look down the road. There is potentially a real enemy in China that will make going to war in Iraq (of foolhardy endeavour) and Afghanistan (necessary but made fiascoes by both president's involvement) look cheap. This is an enemy capable of launching nukes on to our soil. (in the first strike your office's at Dissident Radio would likely vaporize) An enemy that is already engaged in a cyber war many don't want to acknowledge.

This may seem a little long and rambling. Yet, I look forward to your thoughts.

Anonymous said...

FANTASTIC!!! And to your responder Karl. You are absolutely correct- especially on the cyber war part.

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