Thursday, April 9, 2009

I love a good party

the disadvantage for my blog readers that aren't on facebook is they miss out on some of the fun antics over there. We had a Radio Art party with costumes yesterday evening.
The show went great - loads of comments to the article below and then a bunch of us partied online for a few hours. The costumes cracked me up. Mine got blocked as "objectionable" at one point but i was able to unblock it.
Sheesh. some people.
I ask you - is there anything objectionable about this?

I thought not.



Anonymous said...

I have to say it is very tasteful and very nice!

Have a great day!

cathouse teri said...

Wait... I'm on facebook!

Gadfly said...

Lakota gots pony boys? O_O


Arkay said...

I guess it depends where the saddle's is tied around at the *ahem* rear (i.e. were you looking for a bucking bronc sort of ride?) ;P

arkay said...

btw, who's the lucky, uh ...stud?

Riff Dog said...

No objections from me! ;-)

Whitenoise said...

Hey, that's you? Wow, kota, you're hot. ;-)