Thursday, August 27, 2009

Men are strange

I've had an ongoing argument/discussion with a friend for ages now that it is inconceivable that men find smelly, sweaty, red-faced women, who are working out or have just finished working out, attractive.

Unless the woman is a gym princess, one of those despicable creatures that can work out and not break a sweat, we really are NOT at our best after a hard workout. Hair tangled, sweat dripping, breath heaving and in my case - face as red as my hair (fair skin sucks sometimes) - i can't see where the appeal would be. Seriously.

However, I'm going to have to throw my hands up in the air and concede defeat in the argument. This morning after leaving the gym, some dude in a truck pulled along side me and started honking his horn. Glancing over at him, I saw he was waving a cellphone. Being a total 'tard, my first thought was that i had lost my cellphone. Then i realized that was stupid, my phone was in my purse and how would he have known if i had lost it. I plead caffeine depravation for my idiotic thought processes in the mornings. So then i thought maybe there was something wrong with my car, so i slowed down so i could hear what he was yelling. Cruising side by side we had this conversation through our car windows:

Him -"Phone..."
Me - "WHAT?"
Him - "Phone..."
Me - "WHAT? I can't hear you!"
Him - "Phone number - give me your phone number!"
Me - "WHAT?!? Are you for real?"
Him - "Give me your number..."
Me (cracking up) - "Sorry darlin, not gonna happen."

He didn't look too happy about that... maybe he thought i was laughing at him and not at the absurdity of the situation. He started to follow me so i hit the gas and pulled Kota ninja evasive maneuvers in traffic until i lost him. Took a little longer to get home than normal. But hello - i wasn't gonna lead some strange man to my doorstep.

So i concede the point. Stinky, sweaty, red-faced, ratty-haired women are freakishly hot to some men. I can't imagine why.


Anonymous said...

Hmmm I don't know its pretty hot. The stinky is not so much, but the rest is good. Right out of the shower after the workout though is hawwwwttttt

Whitenoise said...

Agree. There's just something very attractive about a woman who's exerting herself physically. (And the cellphone story is hilarious...)

Riff Dog said...

Skip the stinky part, but the rest? Yeah, it's sexy. I love watching the sweaty girls at the gym.