Tuesday, December 15, 2009

What are the odds?

I know y'all just love hearing about the odd things that happen to me. Come on - you know you do. I'm like this magnet for bizarre and funny incidents.

This one is truly strange because come on... what are the odds... really.

I was in the airport yesterday and have just passed thru the security check. A guard led me to a chair so i could put my boots back on, then asked if i was the lead singer for the band that had just passed through. Umm- yeah, like I totally have that rockstar sheen to me. Heh. ~eyeroll~ I figured the guard was being funny so I laughed and  thanked him for the compliment. He shook his head and insisted that he recognized me. He said he had a photographic memory and wanted to know what i did. To myself I'm thinking - let's not piss off the security guard and miss the flight home, so I told him I'm an artist, writer and do a weekly radio show. He got all excited and said an LA radio show was where he recognized me from. Ummm... wow. Now to figure out where he saw my picture associated with the show. I wonder if he is one of Johnny's FB friends. I wish i'd thought to ask. I was just a bit too startled. :D


Anonymous said...

he prolly says that to all the super hot chicks!

Whitenoise said...

Yep. Trying to get your number... ;-)

Gadfly said...

You fame is bicoastal now :o)

Lakota said...

Awww man - Massa Sage and Cap'n! That loud noise you just heard was my ego deflating - and here i thought i had finally arrived. ~snickering~ okay - not really. but it WAS funny.

Gadilicious - if only they knew where my real talents lie. heh. xxxx

Whitenoise said...

Ego deflating?! Dudette. He is acknowleging that you're a hot chick. Like the rest of us, salivating at the thought of getting you into the sack. ;-)