Monday, March 28, 2011



Roughly five hundred years before anyone decided to make up the arbitrary and silly mythology that is the Jesus Christ concept, a real man rose from Thrace and told us about atomic structure, galactic civilizations and Evolution.  His ideas were amazing, considering there was no real science at the time.  In fact, the Greek Democritus is known as “the father of Science.”  And he was a happy, yet displanted soul, lost in a sea of brutal mediocrity, surrounded by ages of ignorance in all directions of space and time. 

He was light years beyond those around him.  Democritus wrote prodigious books and papers on philosophy, ethics, and a vast number of other previously unknown scientific disciplines.  During his ninety years on the planet, he wrote about Evolution, and his ideas had features similar to Darwin’s theory.  This was a man who was a contemporary of Socrates and Plato, and despite Democritus’ writings, racist bigots like Aristotle created the ridiculous color coded ideas of “Fixed Speciation and ‘The Golden Class.”  And for reasons unknown…they all hated Democritus’ guts.  Maybe they were jealous.

So, why am I telling you about some long dead Greek dude?  Because he sat around, without a microscope and knew that Evolution, Astronomy, Biology, Anthropology, and science itself, existed, and that was well over TWO AND A HALF THOUSAND FUCKING YEARS AGO. 

Meanwhile, at this very moment in time, Kentucky has something called “The Creation Museum” where the ‘science’ they use, suggests that humans lived with dinosaurs, that the world is only a few thousand years old, and ordering huge saber tooth steaks so heavy they tip over their foot propelled cars was all part of life for the stone age families. 

Sometimes I want to scream at kids with Cigarettes, because my mother; who is in her seventies, stopped smoking back in the sixties, the moment they said “Hey, this causes Cancer” some fifty years ago.  Why do people still smoke?  Well, the same reason people still believe in stupid shit like Creationism and Intelligent Design concepts. 

And I might add, ‘concept’ is as far as they go.  There is no theory there, not even hypothesis.  Those formulas belong to the heady realm of Science.  If I say that “Glenn Beck is the Devil,” that’s just an idea.  If I say “Glenn Beck is the Devil and that is why the world is going to hell.” and I can prove it - that is a hypothesis.  If I can show you empirical evidence of him eating babies and traveling to hell and back on a whorey steed woven from the souls of duped Republican Teabaggers and have photos and video to back it up and seventy million other people saw him too…well…that starts to stray into the ‘theory’ department.  But only after strict longitudinal testing.

So, let’s just discount all that bullshit, and not dwell on it.  Lets concentrate on allowing our minds to understand Evolution and the broader implications of what math plus matter plus energy plus space plus time; have wrought for us at this stage of the game, some thirteen billion seven hundred million years since some George Carlin lookin dude opened up a can of multiversal whoopass.

Now, most folks want to talk about Evolution in terms of us.  Its all about us.  That’s known as Anthropogenics, or as I like to call it ‘being selfish Monkeys.’  But the Evolution of humanity and Evolution itself are not just concepts but the provable factual theory that is very fabric of the universe.  We move ever forward, entropy destroys, energy creates, and situations make us become.  Life is an expression of the universe, just like a black hole or a neutron star, or even Charlie Sheen.  Yes, even him.

If I ever get my time machine working again, I plan to go rescue Democritus from his two and a half thousand year deep prison and bring him to an age that can truly appreciate him…chiefly, the twenty ninth century.



Lanzadura said...

The "Silly Jesus Christ concept" is an archetype far older than jesus himself. Check on this dude called Carl Gustav Young for references, that is if you are not sooo elite and intelligent to laugh at anyone who dares to consider things that go beyond your scope.

Lanzadura said...

Carl Gustav Jung, sorry, not Young, although it means the same.