Sunday, September 7, 2008

I swear I'll be back!

I know it seems like i vanished - those who visit the other blog or FB know i've been tied all the hell up with work. I'll be back here blogging and posting poems and stories again after October 1st.
Hope you come back and visit.
In there interim, visit those lovely links over there to the left - great stuff on author sites and some fabulous books have been coming out.


Anonymous said...

Yayaya, hurry back, smoooooohes to you too,

ozymandiaz said...

yea, that will be about the time I get real busy (new fiscal year

Anonymous said...

Can't wait until you have the time again to put another one of your wonderful pieces here.

Anonymous said...

Ok, you're due back about now (yea!). Maybe we get a tidbit from you (for?) tomorrow (Mon, Oct6th)? Misses you here BIG time :)