Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Oooh - no post since September... Wincing....

Gathering up some writing stuff to post for you... ummmm - is anyone still coming by here? No matter - i'll call the troops back together :D

Also news worthy, I've agreed to host blog at Erotic Muses on Monday, January 5th for Lisa Andel. The lineup of guest bloggers so far is pretty dang impressive. Now what the heck am i gonna talk about?


Anonymous said...

And about time too. I got impatient and went looking for other erotica writers but couldn't find any as sexy as you, Lakota. Welcome back. Woohoo,

Anonymous said...

Hokay. U bak. Yea!

Now, go do something this weekend (writer's group? Late night musing? erotically hot thoughts put to paper?) and post something new (or recycled) and creative for Monday :)

Lakota said...

Awww thank you GingaPaul - silly man - like you could ever replace me. ~eyeroll~

Rob, one of the things i L-... errr.... adore about you is that you keep hold of my hand and tug me in the right direction when i stray off path, as i tend to do. :D
I have writers' this sunday and am looking forward to it. I also finished a very short story that i'm posting today. Played with a different approach, first person in it. I tend to shy away from using first person too much in fiction since it sometimes feels too personal, which feel awkward when writing completely fictional scenarios... but i gave it a whirl.

Anonymous said...

Ty. And I have to hold your hand 1) because you sometimes take me to wonderful places I wouldn't have gone on my own (sometimes off the path isn't so bad) AND 2)'cause you won't let me get that tether harness on you - no matter how good you probably look in leather straps ;)

We all drift sometimes, you just have too much talent and wonderful creativity to let you not put it to use. I have no idea what the "right direction" is, I just try and pull you to your feet when you're ready to start walking again.

(and I then just walk beside you and try and be your friend).

Off to go give your latest post a peruse...

ozymandiaz said...

I find that sex is always the best topic

but you knew that

not that I find it that way
but that it is a good topic

you knoiw what I mean