Wednesday, May 27, 2009

DAMage Report - Ain't your mama's Etch-a-Sketch

The nature of an artist is to explore, try new things, set trends, and sometimes even create art using unconventional methods. Technology continues opening up new avenues of communication for everyone and in the hands of artists even becomes a new and unique tool for creativity. It seems fitting when you consider that art was the first forms of communication. Artist Jorge Colombo has broken new ground with his cover of the New Yorker, proving that art can be created in a mobile environment, using an iphone. Article Link:

I don't know about you, but in 
my opinion that had to have taken an extraordinary amount of patience. Just texting can be taxing to my fumble fingers - i'm all kinds of impressed that someone could create a lovely digital painting using just his cellphone and a simple drawing application.

We seem to have entered a creative phase where art is being created from everything and anything. 
I've seen drawings done in coffee grounds and a velvet elvis made with cheetos (i was impressed even though i'm not an Elvis fan).

This link provides numerous visuals of unusual art: UNUSUAL ART

"Who would have thought toothpicks could be turned into incredibly intricate sculptures, that nails could be used to hammer out a gigantic portrait or that packing tape could be transformed into compelling layered portraits? One painter uses hands as his canvass and creates beautiful animals by using a combination of paint and proper shape and angle for photo-documenting his creations. Another raises awareness about trash and reuse by shaping used cell phones into strange sculptures. Yet another takes everyday push-pins as the basis for composing pointalistic portraits of friends and family."

In 1911 Wassily Kandinsky wrote "Every work of art is the child of its age" and "Every artist, as child of his age, is impelled to express the spirit of his age". 

I can't wait to see where the creative is going to take us.

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Gadfly said...

Actually, I had an idea for a unique kind of art that I put into a novel one time. We should chat about it at some point, if you can think to remind me :o)