Thursday, May 28, 2009

Excerpt - Good Girls Don't Growl

“Look,” Lexie sighed, “I’m not interested.”

            “Why not?” Garrett asked, tilting his head slightly as he watched her closely, “You’re as attracted to me as I am to you.”

            Lexie started to refute his declaration then decided why bother. He had eyes and could see the obvious signs of arousal. His grip on her hand had relaxed so she snatched it back as she replied, “I’m sure you’re a nice guy and all that but I’m not interested in dating. Anyone. Ever.”

            “Ah... the old I’ve sworn off men tactic.” Garrett nodded sympathetically, “No wonder you’re a little uptight. Maybe if you talked to someone…hey, guess what! I’m a good listener…”

            Lexie gave him an exasperated growl of annoyance, “Grrrr! It really is none of your business!”

            There. She’d been rude. That would chase him off.


            Garrett struggled to maintain a bland, nonthreatening expression, while inside everything heated up another notch. That little growl she’d tossed at him had been sexiest thing he had ever heard. Oh yeah, the feisty woman wanted him regardless of her denials. He could smell her arousal as it coated her panties. And he could easily read the hungry need in her pretty eyes. But she wasn’t going to submit easily. Thanks to some dickless wonder in her past, she was skittish. That growl that had stroked his cock as surely as if she had taken him in her hand proved she would fight their attraction tooth and nail. Lucky him. He loved a challenge and even better – he loved a chase. His cock swelled and pulsed, threatening to tear out the front of his jeans. His prey was tagged. It was time to back off until he had a strategy planned.

            Garrett knew his smile was on the feral side as he slowly rose out of his seat. Lexie’s eyes grew wide and she pressed back against her chair as he towered over her. Sliding casually around the side of the table, he stared down at her flushed face, tilted up toward him.

            “I’m making it my business, sweetheart. Do you know why?”

            Lexie shook her head, cleared her throat nervously before she said, “Ummm… no?”

            Garrett leaned down and pressing a quick kiss to her mouth. It was over almost before it started. Her lips were soft and sweet nearly causing him to groan out loud. The taste of her clinging to his mouth as he pulled away.

            “Because sitting there all shy and blushing, you look like the sweetest angel the goddess ever placed upon this earth. But honey, good girls don’t growl and I aim to find the bad girl you’re hiding deep inside.”


Paul said...

Woohoo! More more, are there going to be nipples? I hope so. Keep going, please.

Susan Helene Gottfried said...

Good girls don't growl... what a tag line, woman!

Arkay said...

i'm going with the thought that you both growl and purr, no?