Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Reference Article for tomorrow's show


Going to the beach for my birthday! Whoot! Interviewing Beach Bunny One and Beach Bunny Two about fashion trends, do's and don'ts (and hot "artistic" bods) at the beach. :P


Karl said...

Happy Birthday Lakota,

Have a great time a the beach! Don't forget your birthday spankings.

billy pilgrim said...

i didn't know you had a thing for gay men.

Anonymous said...

happy happy hppy birthdayyyyyyyyyyyy

You knowwwwww I'm first in line for the spankings!!!

Windrider said...

How dare you photograph me on vacation..

Lakota said...

thnx Karl! no birthday spankings unfortunately...you volunteering? :P

i love gay men Cabana Boy! sheesh - i thought you knew that. Missed you long time.

Bring it Massa Sage! :P

~swooning~ Ermmm - which one was you so i can zoom in?