Wednesday, June 3, 2009

DAMage Report - the Art of Fashion - The Flesh Parade,0,7097586.story

One of the areas of the arts that we tend to take for granted is fashion. Most of us don't typically view our clothing as "art." Yet we will anxiously run to the shoppes every season to ensure that our wardrobes are bulging at the seams with the "latest" colors and styles. We (specifically women) love to adorn ourselves in trendy fabrics and checkout what is in and what is not. We spend a fortune every year wrapping ourselves up in the artistic creations of fashion designers. No where is this more evident than in the summer when swimsuit weather arrives. While basic black (my fave) is always in style, every year sees a splash of "in" colors and styles hit the racks. 

This year appears to be one of retro fashion with haltertop swimsuits all the rage, neon colors, and colorful tie-dye coveralls. The swimskirt that used to make us think of our grandmothers at the beach has made a return, but is more akin to the sassy miniskirt than the cellulite disguise it used to be. 

"After a peak that lasted through the late '80s, fashion turned to grunge style, deconstruction and the "anti-fashion" movement, which favored a duller palette and a much less healthy demeanor. But neon is back. Why the reprise? Possibly because of the '80s music revival, or it could be, as Daley puts it, "because self-expression is coming back."

Store racks are also featuring swim dresses this year which bring to mind the beach photos we've all seen from the 30's and 40's. They aren't condusive to getting that all over beach tan that will make your friends writhe in envy when you return from vacation, but they do look sporty and cute, while hiding any fleshy flaws. 

And no, I couldn't resist the lure of fashion, even though I have enough swimsuits to outfit an Olympic Team in my closet. I just HAD to have one of those adorable haltertops.

****Special Guests today are Beach Bunny One and Beach Bunny Two who will share fashion do's and don'ts that they've seen this week on the beach. Guys, you aren't exempt. Better hide your speedos. :D

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Paul said...

Oh, and may we see a phototo of you in said bathing costume? Please.