Monday, June 28, 2010

It's too late. They gave up before they even started to clean up the spill.

The power has always belonged to those who have money. And they will do anything, ANYTHING to ensure they keep the power as well as as much money as they can hold on to. This is a longish video but worth watching as one of the residents of the Louisiana coast who has sat in on BP meetings and seen the mock cleanup efforts first hand talks about it, as well as the illnesses cropping up in the region.
We, the people, are nothing more than collateral damage to the powers that be. We are expendable. Stupid asses don't realize or don't care that when they kill the planet, they're just as dead too.

Kindra Arnesan refers to a Fox 54 video taken in May, of fish coming to the surface, bumping into the boat as they die. That video is also below. The bucket of sludge they pulled out of the water accents the horror.

Provided courtesy of Southern Sage - check out his blog is you haven't already.


Anonymous said...

you rock baby. xooxoxoxoxoxoxox
I also saw your link @ Gaddy cause I followed earlier.

Whitenoise said...

Scary how much damage is being done...

Hope your new show is going well!

Julia Phillips Smith said...

Beyond sad, but true. The great social experiment that was the Soviet Union showed that even people who supposedly lived for the collective only spawned a Black Market run by the Russian Mob. There will never be any real social justice in the world. It's every greedy bastard for themselves.

Having said that, each person can still make choices every day that can make bigger ripples in the world than people think. It sounds like I have two opposite world views, but I call it pragmatic and optimistic.

Woozie said...

Fish gasp for air?

nitebyrd said...

I've posted this video today. Since Florida is feeling the effects of the spill, Kindra's words need to be heard by everyone.