Monday, June 21, 2010

Plug that Shit Up Already!

One of my long-time and dearest friends, Gaddy, has a brilliant mind. He's not just brilliant - he is a fuckin' pittbull when faced with a difficult problem - specifically a scientific one.  The uber-geek in him worries the problem bone until he has it dissected, spit out, reassembled and a possible solution, or at the minimum, a method of approach developed.

I confess I don't comprehend all the nuances of what he proposes in his oil spill remedy - cuz face it, i'm an artist and not scientifically inclined - but it sounds viable to me. It certainly sounds better than what has been done so far. Check it out here:


Lakota said...

"The lead is should flow, slowly, taking the basalt sands with it into all the crevasses of both the casing and the oil-bearing formation and plug it off with a hermetic seal.

Secondly, at some point in the column, the temperature and pressure are likely to be just right to allow the lead and basalt aggregate to form a “non-Newtonian fluid” that will form a physical barrier, which would resist geological pressure spikes coming from the oil-bearing formation below."

Anonymous said...

that is exactly what my solution was!

I'll hit his post!

Lakota said...

LOL! Big hugs Massa Sage. I think your inner geek will appreciate his post.

Gadfly said...

Thanks for the link, babydoll

*loving tushie swat*

Lakota said...

i really am trying to think of a way to get your idea in front of someone that might make a difference. sadly i don't know if i believe anyone in charge of resolving the problem actually gives a shit about finding a solution. :(

ozymandiaz said...

at least SOMEONE is thinking about it