Friday, August 20, 2010

Stuff - new paintings and monday's show

Heads up the Breaking Taboo guests on Monday will be the Infamous Smutketeers. :D We're all about the smut on monday so fasten your seat belts - it's gonna be one hellah wild ride. 4pm PST on

New Paintings:
Still trying to get hands right. Not something that comes easy but i'm practicing... "The Lost Inner Child"

This one is called "Love Isn't Simple Black and White". I was thinking in terms of greys and the complexity of relationships but from comments i've received on this one it can be viewed at a multitude of levels, including racial integration and spirituality. Kinda cool. I love other people's reactions to drawings and paintings i do.

This one is part of the series of portraits i'm trying to do. Ken Meyer, Jr. is a well known artist and illustrator and had sent in his picture when i put out a call for male images to work on from friends. It took several weeks to finish this one in photoshop. He had made a request for tones of purples, so i tried to work that palette into the portrait. It doesn't look just like him, so obviously i need to keep working on portraiture but i'm pretty happy with it.

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Unknown said...

I loved them all Lakota. Your talent is awesome girl.