Saturday, December 13, 2008

While we wait for Trevor and Susan... :P

Just a quick note while i wait for the pimpage info to come in...
Sometimes I feel like my life is a freaking rollercoaster... slowly chugging up the incline then suddenly and without warning, screaming down the precipice. I have no doubt it is like that for everyone. (If it's not - would ya turning the fucking TV off???) Just kidding!
Maybe the chug-chug times are the psychological down times...regrouping at a subconscious level. Hibernation as it were. I think there is only so much multi-tasking a person can do before they creatively flatline. And while I haven't been creatively dead really, I haven't had any brilliant ideas (well one - but that was inspired by my newest muse, and i can't take credit for it) or any real sense of purpose or direction. I really hate that feeling of just doing "time," existing, treading water... but i think it is probably necessary. Surely no one can go at it 120% all of the time. If they can, I wanna take whatever they're taking. Pass me the "drink me" bottle please. :P
I'm feeling that antsy, "i need to create" vibe growing again... and just the whisper of it has me smiling and looking forward with anticipation.
It's been an interesting year... I've made friends and lost friends and have been powerfully influenced by several that have moved on. It is always sad to see people you care for move on but it happens and it's not always a bad thing. It makes the ones that stick that much more potent.
I haven't been the best friend in the world to many people, having been wrapped up in my own mini dramas... actually I've sucked. So I think it's time, along with letting the creative valves open back up to full force, to re-embrace those who have patiently been waiting for me to get my shit back together and let 'em all know how much i care.
Errmmmm.... so that is like my stream of consciousness babbling for the week. :P
Time to get back to cleaning the house and sorting the things to be tossed... in more ways than one. Love y'all. xxxxx

PS - stole the picture from Pissy - love it!


Susan Helene Gottfried said...

Check your mail. And sheesh, you didn't give me a lot of lead time here, woman! What would you have done if we'd been off snowboarding?

Okay, not that Trevor snowboards so much as tries to pick up the snowbunnies hanging around the lodge while their men conquer the slopes. But you get the idea!

Lakota said...

LOL! Weeks - i've been talking about this for weeks... ok so i only sent email demanding info this morning. ~grin~ You think Trev might be able to pop by tonight? And if you read down some, Rho was wondering if she could interview Trevor - y'all may have worked that out already. Thnks chickie! ~ducking~ LOL!

Big Pissy said...

That's a really cool picture, isn't it? :)