Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Yup, I'm back and ready to pimp...BOOKS...pimping books!

My adventures in foreign lands is done and i'm home. ~grinning~ and yes, for those that aren't on FB - you finally have a picture of part of my face taken a few weeks ago. LOL!
Anyhoo - i'll be composing a post today about Susan's new book release with the fabo and famous Trevor Wolfe (he never did give me my bra back) and the band Shapeshifter, as well as pimping the hell out of Rhonda Leigh Jone's Maestro's Butterfly with the delish Claudio. I've known both of these male characters for years as they were fluttering their wings (okay - more like stomping around and leaving very lasting impressions!) and it is a great pleasure to see both finally in print.
So spread the word if you like or come back by later and chat - i'll be here for awhile this evening.
much love and where the hell is my coffee?


Susan Helene Gottfried said...

Hey, once the bra enters the ShapeShifter hall of fame, that's it. There's no return. Bermuda triangle of bras.

But it's a well-worshipped Bermuda Triangle.

Drop me an e-mail; let me know what you need for proper pimpage...

Lakota said...

heh! that Trevor! i'll drop you an email during lunch break today with what i need. i have to track down info Rho sent me too.
Feels good to be back in bizness. Spread the word would you? I saw Guatami started the Train again so i may be hopping on board but defo letting her be engine room. :D xxxx

Lakota said...

PS - how many damn bras does he have now anyway? Enquiring minds want to know... especially since he won't miss mine when i steal it back if he has plenty....

Anonymous said...

so glad u r back! =) (((((hug)))))

and i hope this means things are (mostly?) ok again now.

and may i also say, you are stunning! (even with only a partial face view :P) Luis Royo couldn't have made you look more beautiful/powerful/sensuous. wow.

now, off to read your first 'new' recommendation post

Lakota said...

Thnx Rob. Things are hanging in there. Getting back on track. Hope you are doing better too.