Thursday, January 15, 2009

Breaking out the Aluminum Foil Antennas

It's been an... interesting year so far. Yeah, yeah - we're only 15 days into it. If it keeps up like this, it's gonna be one for the books. Heh. Writer humor. :P 

My pal insomnia has been haunting me again lately, which means that sleep-in mornings are even more precious than normal. A week ago Sunday I had a rare opportunity to sleep in. In my world that means anything after 5am is counted as a perk. I set my clock radio alarm for 8am (really pushing the sleep-in envelope I know - just call me wild thang) and was sleeping the blissful sleep of the heathen damned when gospel music started blaring in my ear. (Kidding! I actually like gospel. Sometimes. In small doses.) Half awake, reaching for the radio, I wondered when the hell my station had gone gospel. 

Just as my hand reached out to slap the snooze button, the song ended and the DJ came on and in a smooth jazzy tone said, "This fine sunday, I'd like to wish a good morning to Goddess Lakota." Whoa! I jumped up in bed and stared at the radio. No coffee needed. I was wide awake. Okay - he didn't use my penname - he used my real name... which is even more unusual. No mistaking that he was talking to me. And yeah, he called me a goddess. 
From. The. Radio.
I still have no idea who the DJ was. None of my DJ friends do gospel shows and I didn't recognize the voice. It was smooooooth. I wonder if he wishes me good morning every sunday? What are the odds of my hearing it just as i woke up? Spoooooooky! And why the hell was he wishing me a good morning? I was in a hotel last sunday but you can bet your patootie i'm setting my alarm for 8am this sunday to see if my radio talks to me again. I'll keep you posted.

Which leads me to the next "brief" topic - serendipity and our subconscious mind. I watched "I am Legend" last sunday night and I suppose the whole butterfly sign thing seeped into my subconscious mind. Monday evening I started noticing "signs" - repetition of visual symbols and related imagery started jumping out at me as I was driving down the road. The freaky thing was that they were all christian related symbols. A broken street sign forming a cross and Lord's Paint and Body to name a few. I looked up at the sky and yelled "Helllooooo - agnostic heathen pagan here!!" Of course as soon as I realized what my subconscious was doing and I started LOOKING - it stopped. Our brains function on a completely separate level sometimes, bringing abstract connections together in startling new ways. I don't know how anyone can ever claim to be bored - all they have to do is throw back the carpet and look at the underbelly of their own brain for awhile to be highly entertained. Or look at the underbelly of mine. 

Ummm... please tell me it's not just my mind that works in such a bizarre manner! Okay. Hand me the aluminum foil - I may be suffering fallout from alien brain scans. 

The point of all this... you wanted a point? Oh please. Get over it. I gave ya a new post didn't I?
Coming up - Book-a-licious pimpage.  Anya Bast's new book. Wahoo! Look for it Saturday.


Anonymous said...

I'ld be on the phone to the radio station if it was me. How freaky. The only signs I've been seeing lately say, "Where's Lakota?" and here you are. Welcome back to the land of the disembodied.

Wylie Kinson said...

whoa.... freak-y.
Someone is either playing with you or crushing on you ;)

Karl said...

Good Morning Lakota,

You think your mind works in a bizarre manner? I find the vision of an
agnostic heathen pagan wearing aluminum foil kind of hot;)

ozymandiaz said...

Perhpas your subconscious was just getting you back for making it take in that movie.

Anonymous said...

Maybe dog was trying to tell you sumthing.

Umm, god.

Also, I've used the words "goddess" before when you've blessed us with your boobs on your other blog.

And once on my old blog.


Woozie said...

I don't think I've ever used the word goddess.

Rhonda L. Jones said...

There's no way I'm looking at the underbelly of your brain, 'Kota. I know where that thing's been.

Shelley Munro said...

Oh, that is weird. Maybe your radio/clock is haunted????

Anonymous said...

It gets even better when revisited a second time that path leading you home to your inner spiritual energy that drives lifes experience.

Wylie Kinson said...

miz lakota...
have you disappeared again? *tapping foot*