Monday, February 2, 2009

EEEK - spanking line starts HERE

Sorry - sorry - i swear it's not that i don't love y'all! I've been tied up with working, writing and receiving awards. Pretty much in that order.
I'm waiting to receive a copy of the pic of me and allllll my trophies and will post it here. LOL!

I've been asked to be on LATalkRadio by Johhny Dam (courtesy of Miz Andel mentioning my name) - wondering if i do it , how many people would actually tune in to listen to me? I mean, why would you? And if you would, let me know. Will help me decide for sure, although I am leaning towards doing it.

Backlog of posts to catchup on for you including Anya's book pimpage, the story about the troop of scottish bagpipers who dropped their kilts in front of me last month and possibly some new poetry.

Oh and maybe an exerpt from the new story i'm working on. :D
Kisses to all of you and now that i'm all caught up on my meds and stable again, you'll be hearing from me more often. Kidding! About the meds - not the hearing from me. :P


ps - Question, anyone else here fucking hate valentines?


Wylie Kinson said...

Jeez Kota, I'd have tapped my foot a long time ago if that's all it took for you get on with posting :D

Do the radio show! I did one recently and it was a total blast.

Riff Dog said...

I'd tune in fer shur!

And if Valentines Day includes spankings (I assume that's the reason for your post title,) then consider me a convert.

Anonymous said...

Is that spanking line a giving or receiving one? ;) Actually, in truth I'd line up for either one if you were involved, Yowza!

Love the picture (you is so gorgeous!) and I am smiling at the fact you found a theme related weapon for your hatchet job on the romance of Valentines :D

I'm so pumped on you receiving awards for your work, that's awesome! Can't wait to see your haul. And I'd tune in in a second to a show you were on if I could get the station somehow. Go for it!

Anonymous said...

Woohoo awards! Post photos. Do radio. Have fun. Post more.

Ann said...

Hey! Long time no hear. Do the radio show, you'll have fun. And congrats on the awards.

Lakota said...

LOL! you haz the power Wylie! Waiting to hear back from the host - the offer may have been retracted - LOL! Ah well. I'll keep you posted.

Riffy - honey-baby! You could totally change my attitude about V-day if you let me play patty-cakes on your fine ass! :P

Rob! Hey bunny-bear! The picture made me laugh for several days. :P
The awards were awesome too - walked out with four that night! :D
Big hugz and kisses to you hon!

I'm playing catchup GingaPaul - dang work and community stuff keeps interfering with my timelines and personal tasks! :D

Hi Ann - been forever! I've caught up with Red, Amy, Wylie, Lauren, Megan and some others on Facebook. Big hugs and i'll let you know if i end up doing the show. Oh and guess who emailed me! Queenie Frou!!!!