Friday, February 20, 2009

Excerpt from the Novel

***This is a pieced together segment from the beginning - additional characters removed so the excerpt makes sense out of context here***

Good, the coast was clear. Wiping her slightly damp hands against her thighs, Lexie snatched the book off the shelf in front of her. She anxiously checked once more to make sure no one had noticed. It would be bad enough if someone caught her lurking in the romance aisle of the bookstore. She would die of humiliation if anyone saw the book she had clutched to her breast. Attempting to look casual she quickly slinked out of the aisle, making a beeline for the coffee shop section of the bookstore. The new store, Scribbles, was decorated in funky bright colors, with bold colorful art on the walls. Comfortable looking sofas were scattered in strategic places for patrons to relax and enjoy their book de jour. Retro 80’s music walked like an Egyptian in her ears as she settled into a chair in the coffee shop. She made sure her back was to the wall so she could keep a wary eye on anyone approaching. With her luck her boss or co-workers would miraculously pop out of nowhere and catch her red handed with her guilty secret. They would think she was pathetic. A middle-aged divorcee getting her cheap thrills from spicy hot romance books. It wasn’t just any type of romance either. Her passion was for erotica that featured lurid covers. She stroked a finger across the front of her book and smiled to herself. Those uptight women would probably swoon with one hand pressed dramatically to their foreheads if they saw exactly what she was reading. Snickering to herself at her silly thoughts, Lexie opened the book by one of her favorite erotica authors before glancing around once more to ensure no one was watching her.

            She was so focused on looking out for co-workers she didn’t noticed the man behind the coffee bar staring at her intently, a slightly bemused smile on his face. Nor did she see the exotic looking woman on a fuchsia sofa, watching both her and the coffee man. Cracking open the book Lexie slipped away from everything, including her embarrassment and her surroundings as she stepped into another world.

Lexie barely noticed as her glasses slipped down her nose again. The book,
Kinkalicious, was making her break out in a light sweat. She unconsciously fanned her face before pushing her glasses back up her nose.

            He bent her forward, gently pressing her head firmly down so that her cheek rested against the bed sheet, her ass raised in the air. She wiggled it slightly until a solid smack of his hand burned one cheek with thrilling heat. She instantly stilled, waiting for whatever he wanted to do to her. Her breath came out in short little pants as her excitement wound tighter, waiting. After several minutes of letting her simmer in anticipation, he pulled both her hands behind her back and wrapped what felt like velvet cord around them. Binding her. Tying her in place with more than just the cord. Her panting accelerated as her excitement grew. Her cunt swelled, moisture sliding down the inside of her thighs, begging for attention.

            “Shhhh,” he whispered in her ear, “take a few deep breathes for me. Breathe sweetheart.”

            He slapped her other ass cheek when she didn’t comply fast enough. She gasped and gulped for air, struggling to regain control of herself. Deep breath in, blow it out. She finally stopped panting, breathing in and out deeply as instructed. He stroked her slightly tender ass in reward, the caress of his fingers calming her even more.

            “Are you ready for me sweetheart? Are you ready for me to fuck you hard and fast?”

            She nodded frantically, moaning lowly as she felt the head of his cock teasing her pussy, stroking up, down and around along the edge of where she desperately needed him.

            “Please, please! I need you now!” she gasped, pushed back with her ass, trying to force him to take that last step and thrust into her.

            “Ah-ah!” he growled, smacking her ass with one hand in a swift hard slap.

            She sighed and pressed her cheek harder against the bed, holding herself as still as possible. Then cried aloud as he pushed his cock into her hard with one fast stroke.

            “Coffee?” a voice asked from above Lexie.

            Squeaking in surprise and slamming the book closed and cover down, Lexie looked up … way, way up, then blinked several times at the vision standing beside her.

             “Sorry? What?” she mumbled, her face flaming as red as her hair as she stared with wide, surprised eyes.

            “Would you like a cup of coffee? Actually it’s a Death by Mocha latte,” the young man grinned, thrusting a steaming cup in her direction.

            Lexie sat frozen. The man hovering over her was gorgeous with dark brown hair pulled back into a ponytail. His long lean legs were encased in sinfully snug blue jeans and a tight black t-shirt hugged wide shoulders that blocked the rest of the world from her view. His lips looked soft on a mouth that was quirked in a crooked grin. But it was his eyes that had her fascinated. They were such a light brown that they appeared amber and held a wicked twinkle as he stared back at her.


Linda Bergen said...

Very nice. I like the twist of having a dual story unfolding. Want to read more!

Anonymous said...

excellent!! :)

Anonymous said...

excellent as ever kota!

Lakota said...

Thnx Linda.

Anon - ooooh, is gonna make me crazy wondering who you are! Thnx and glad you enjoyed.

Danny-sweets, I adore you. You're are totally cracking me up on FB. I'll post a different character excerpt next week. A funny one. :P

Susan Helene Gottfried said...

I love the set-up, but I think you could lose the store description, at least for now. It distracted from Lexie's tension over her book.

And dammit, I want more! Who is this hot young thing? And the woman watching?

Really. The set-up rocks. I'd offer to beta read for you, but I am SLOW.

Midnight Storm said...

Awww shucks...You mean I have to wait for more?...You left me panting.

Anonymous said...

oops! uh, sorry...

let me just go get something to wipe that up ;)

(I miss your other blog, can you tell?)

Gadfly said...


*covering mouth*

That is so evil ... you'd just have to ...