Monday, February 16, 2009

Disconnected stuff & Birthday Wishes

Valentine's Day is over.
Oh thank Goddess! To be fair now, I have to confess to having enjoyed the nicest V-day in years...and years. Yeah, yeah - sad. Shaddup.
There was an abundance of virtual flowers, virtual candies (tasty and no calories) and cards from friends. Enough to make a girl blush and feel special. No, not short bus special, you hecklers.
I even got flowers (that i didn't buy myself) and earrings (that i didn't buy myself) and books (that i did buy myself) and the most important thing of all... a new coffee maker! Hey, I bought it on valentine's so it counts.

But along with valentine's came the following annoying phenomenon... a significant rise in the number of people who feel compelled to tell me that I "need a boyfriend." AUGGGHHH! Unlike Valentine's, it apparently doesn't end after a single day of "sharing the love." Friday, two clients told me a i should get myself a guy. Saturday, I was off the hook as everyone scrambled to meet the expectations of their own love lives. Sunday, my sister told me i need to think about dating and a friend mentioned that I need a boyfriend. Today, another friend mentioned I should go and find myself a boyfriend to "help out." I have high hopes this lurv pimping obsession passes quickly. Surely there has to be more interesting things people can be pondering besides my personal life. Navel lint comes to mind.

Patting Myself on the Head
Writing is coming along nicely. I've been very good and hitting the keyboard with regularity again. Back on track for wrapping up book one and jumping back into book two, while also working on several short stories that were started and never finished. I'm also working on sketches for some paintings. Disgustingly productive. Ain't it great! ~beaming~
Ooohh and I was invited to submit a photograph for consideration in an exhibition at one of the major museums in the south. Whoot! So i'm scrambling to come up with a suitable concept and setup the shoot.

When is a lot too much?
I was amused this morning when i posted a custom-made birthday card for a friend on Facebook, and it was promptly buried in the flood of birthday wishes that hit her page. Rebecca has over 3000 Facebook friends and I think every single one of them showed up to wish her happy birthday! LOL! It'll take the wench years to dig thru all the messages. So in case she pops over here, I'm shouting out "HAPPY BIRTHDAY WICKED WENCH BECCA!!!" And stealing one of the photos of her as the valentine image for this post. Heeheee.

Kota on the Air This THURSDAY
It's official, I'll be on the air with Johnny Dam at this Thursday 2:30pm PST / 5:30pm EST / 10:30pm GMT /9:30am (fri.)Sydney Time. We'll be talking about the current situation/state of Arts in America. Keep your fingers crossed I don't end up sounding like a total idiot.

Muwah! Hope everyone had a wonderful V-day and didn't get an arrow in the ass from that fat kid cupid.


billy pilgrim said...

i'm saving some special heart shaped ju jubes for you.

sweet on you long time.

Ann said...

no. no arrows. I did attend a booksigning, and write a poem. I'll post the poem as soo as I can find it again (I think I know where it is). And I turn a year older Friday (shrug- no biggie actually). Hope to spend the day with friends.
Have a great week. :)

Anonymous said...

so happy for you, awesome, great, wonderful, stupendous, congratulations, brilliant, well done, you'll do awesome...

...yup, i think that about covers it.

Big Pissy said...

With a Valentine's Day like that~who needs a boyfriend????? ;-)

Anonymous said...

you do need a bf. Or a lover anyway. I'll be there tomorrow night, look for me.

Lakota said...

you love me like you lurvs baby jesus, my sweet cabana boy!

Happy birthday Ann! Can't wait to read to poem - please give me a shout when you post it.

Thnx Rob! :D

Amen to that Pissy. Well, i can think of a few things a bf would be good for, which brings me to Sage's comment.....

Massa Sage, i'll be waiting with arms (and legs) wide open. :P