Thursday, February 19, 2009

Lakota Needs.... her head examined for doing this meme

Tony Mason tagged me with this one...
  1. Lakota needs to make noise
  2. Lakota needs Your Help
  3. Lakota needs volunteers
  4. Lakota needs your number
  5. Lakota needs to construct certain improvements
  6. Lakota needs to improve
  8. Lakota needs to transfer to another prison
  9. Lakota needs to be in on the discussion
  10. Lakota needs board members who are deeply invested
  11. Lakota needs every one of us
  12. Lakota needs a couple of coats
  13. Lakota needs YOU
  14. Lakota needs help financially
  15. Lakota needs all the Prayers and thoughts possible
  16. Lakota needs to be protected from us
  17. Lakota (NEEDS TO GO SOON!)
  18. Lakota needs surgery to remove bone
  19. Lakota needs urgent adoption
  20. Lakota needs faithful pal
  21. Lakota needs Lakota
  22. Lakota needs a little religious instruction
  23. Lakota needs and practices.

Heeheee - some of these... funny. Not so funny: 75% of the listings were: "lakota needs help"


Jon Boles said...

My, oh my, you sure a needy gal...

Well, come to think of it, aren't they all?

Anonymous said...

I'm pretty sure this came out of the google search meme, right?
Ha. Shows what they know... they missed two really important ones
Lakota needs hugs.
Lakota needs LURVE!!!!!

Lakota said...

REV!!! Baby! How the fuck are you? Come and give us a kiss- i'm needy for you. ~wink!~ Good to see you my friend. xxxx

Rob, you are such a cute Bunny. And lurv and hugs are always good. xxxxx - oh and thanks so much for tuning into the show and trying to help with the "zomg, i don't know where shit is on my own blog" moment. LMAO! You rock!