Monday, January 5, 2009

HAPPY NEW YEAR! Guest Blogging at Erotic Muses

Y'all can catchme at Erotic Muses today where I am blog hosting for the phenominal Lisa Andel. 

Holiday madness is over and I'll be playing catchup with all of you.
Hope you had a wonderful holiday, had lots of fun and got into all kinds of trouble. :D

I have been writing - yay me.
Excerpts to be posted this week.
I have been reading - yay me.
Pimpage to go up.
Also want to congratulate Kate Douglas, whose book Wolf Tales V was named best erotic paranormal for 2008 by Night Owl Romance. If you haven't read the series - boy are you missing out! I'm doing re-reads. Heh!

and give me a shout!


Anonymous said...

Excelente blog.
Pasate por rel mio.

Wylie Kinson said...

Hey Lakota! Long time no chat :)
Glad you're getting the tribe back together. Count me in!

Lakota said...

WYLIE!!!!! Full body tackle! Muwah! Muwah! Damn girl - i missed you! ~bouncing in my chair with glee!~
Glad to hear you're on board for the big reunion. Feel free to spread the word - i've been running around like a loon all day trying to throw myself in front of everyone and let 'em know i'm here and ready to get the party started. :D

Lakota said...

Thnx for the link and visit Pablo sweetie. Muy Besos to you too! Muwah!

Wylie Kinson said...

Damn, it's good to feel loved ;)

You must email me... what's been going on with you? You've been missed like crazy. Blogworld has been quiet and sad without you. A blah, colorless, boring place.
No joke.

Lakota said...

Oh Wylie, that is such a sweet, sniffle inducing thing to hear. My life.. well... oye. That's a story in and of itself. Defo not for public broadcasting. :D I'll pop you off an email. But the good news is, I've had my recovery time and I'm raring to go now. And my book is nearly done. Whoot! Well - several chapter rewrites on the ending - but truly - it will be going out for beta read at the end of the month. Karin and Rhonda and the writers' group have been unbelievably helpful. And then of course there is all y'all that got me to start writing it in the first place. How big a space do they let you have for aknowledgements? LOL!

Wylie Kinson said...

Well... whatever took you out of the game for so long, I'm glad it's gone and that you've 'recovered'.
And double WHOOT on your writing :)
It's been a slooooow year for me. Not completely uncreative, but I had a bad case of writer-ADD, as in, I have four novels on the go, with only one being closed to finished. And they're all different sub-genres!
I can't wait to read whatever it is that you've written
*gleefully rubbing hands*

Lakota said...

Note to self - Wylie just volunteered to beta read. LOL!
Yeah - i think you'll enjoy - lots of humor and of course steamy sex. :P
Book 2 was actually started as well a while back and is even hotter, but i have some serious character rewrite to do on it since i want the lead female to be a REAL badass - not just a sorta badass. heh. Fortunately it's all outlined, so it's just a matter of finishing numero uno and sitting down with number two.

Wylie Kinson said...

Nothing I like more than humor and sex together in one book!!
Note to self: *volunteer to beta read, in case she misses the hints*

Lakota said...

Heh! Done! Oh and of course there are werewolfies. :D

Ann said...

Hey Lakota! I tried to comment on EM, but my internet went kaput (it does that sometimes). Glad to hear things aren't as crazy for you as they were. Things were absolutely nuts for me this past year, but I'm still around, and even still writing (just very slowly).
Happy New Year!

Julia Phillips Smith said...

Hi - I'm back at work so I'll have to comment over here ;-)

Glad you rounded us up for your post yesterday. Even happier to hear you're busy scribbling.

Karl said...

Good Evening Lakota,

Gettemìnâk Wuskèn Gachtin!

billy pilgrim said...

счастливое Новый Год

cathouse teri said...

Hello Beautiful! So glad you are doing well! xoxoxoxox

Rhonda L. Jones said...

Ooooh! You got kisses in Spanish! Call me! I'm going to leave my cell no. at your email addy. Let's dance!

Anonymous said...

watch who you get up close with on facebook,there's a seductve mystic sounding perv posing as a shaman in your midst, beware girl.

Lakota said...

Smooches to Ann, Julia, Kalr, Cabana Boy and Cat! :D

Rho - didn't get your message until too late. I'll look at schedule for next week? Coffee would be good.

Anon- Hope this wasn't a joke, because I erred on the side of caution, internet being what it is, and ended a potentially interesting friendship. If sincere - thanx for the concern and warning.

Anonymous said...

no joke, and you would thank me if you knew what you just avoided!