Sunday, September 27, 2009

A brief synopis of the 10 days of madness

Today marks the end to the climb to the top of the workload peak. Not that there isn't plenty left to do at work, but I hopefully will get more than 4-5 hours of sleep a night now and actually have a bit of free time once more. The last ten days has been a dervish whirl of activities as i ran around like a crazy woman. Here's a brief synopsis of what I did.
1. Number of bands and arts events photographed - 37
2. Number of hours worked - 140 (est. - i'm too bloody tired to actually run the numbers)
3. Number of times I tripped in public (only counting the times people actually SAW me trip) - 3
4. Number of out of town guests entertained - 2
5. Number of celebrities I met - 12 (i think... counting only those that are medium to high profile that i actually chatted with)
6. Number of concerts I MC'd - 1
7. Number of people I talked to - ermmmm.... hundreds
8. Number of people I kissed and hugged - uhhhh... hundreds? (So sue me - I hug everyone I talk to)
9. Number of alcoholic beverages consumed - 9
10. Number of sinful carb rich meals consumed - 12 (hey, i lost 3 pounds running around so I have noooo complaints! :P)
11. Number of trips to the gym - 1 (wincing)
12. Number of times someone flirted with me - 6 (well, 7 if you count the woman who spanked my butt as I walked past her)
13. Number of "boys" who asked for my phone number - 2
14. Number of "boys" who got my phone number - 1 (Only because once he accepted that I REALLY wasn't interested - my hysterical laughter clued him in - we became friends.)
15. Number of men who asked for my phone number - 3
16. Number of men who got my phone number - 0 :P
17. Number of photos taken - 1067
18. Number of times I looked like a drowned rat due to the rain - 4
19. Number of times I said or did something totally stoopid in public - ahhh, who keeps track
20. Number of times I danced my ass off - 1 (Kicked off the shoes and danced under the moon to Zydeco with my girlfriends - that totally rocked)

The entire experience - priceless. :D


Whitenoise said...

cool ;-)

Gadfly said...

Sounds like you had a full day LOL

billy pilgrim said...

sounds like you need a long, long vacation.

basking in the sun, not one of those silly 30 cities in 30 days tours.