Tuesday, September 1, 2009

The infamous escalator incident

Long time friends are familiar with my little... errmmm... incidents. I'm just the teeny, tiniest bit of a clutz at times and things just sorta happen. To me. Last October there was a particularly embarrassing one. I've actually done very good this year - only one almost fall on my ass in public scene when i slipped on a shrimp last June. I did the slippery banana peel dance but totally saved it by some fast tap dancing action. The applause was gratifying.

So I got a call last week to do an annual shoot of a big event. I thought after the escalater incident that they wouldn't be calling me back. Gawd, you gotta love short term memories. Or maybe they're calling me back BECAUSE i flashed a thousand people and still got the job done. :P

My first thought upon receiving the call was "I am soooooooo NOT wearing a long skirt this time."
This is why.... (reposted)

October 2008 - Last night I had another photoshoot - a three hour event in a location with two floors, packed with hundreds and hundreds (and freaking hundreds) of people. It's always a grueling shoot, trying to get the necessary photos for the client in a finite amount of time... and it's always HOT - racing around with my photo-assistant scrambling behind me. To help with the heat factor I decided to dress in a gauzy floor-length gypsy skirt and camisole to help keep me cool.

Toward the end of the evening I let my assistant go since I was nearly done and the poor darling was exhausted from chasing me all over the place. I got on the escalator to ride it down to the first floor to catch a few more photos of the bands down there and... the back of my skirt got sucked into the escalator step. It yanked the back of my skirt down past my ass, baring my butt to everyone. Why oh why did i wear a thong last night instead of good girl panties? >_<

I ripped the skirt free and hauled the elastic waist back up over my ass, juggling my camera and camera bag and yelling very unlady-like words. Something akin to M**ther-F**king-Sh*t-Son of a B*tch! Yeah... those were the words as I recall. Nicely professional.

The lady on the escalator behind me was laughing and said "If I'd had my cellphone camera out I could have made a fortune with that shot!"

Ruined a perfectly good skirt too. ~sulking~
Note to self: do not wear long skirts on photoshoots.
And burn my thongs.


Woozie said...

Haha I remember this! <3

Arkay said...

me too! and it's almost as hilarious (and imagination igniting) as when you first related it. *sigh* Good times. ;)

nitebyrd said...

Poor 'kota! That lady was a bitch. Hope someone takes her picture when her butt is in the breeze.

Whitenoise said...

I would have paid to see that photo. ;-)