Thursday, September 3, 2009

Not Endangered? Well hell, let's fix that!

Good article from Rob.

Honestly, I have no problem with hunting... for FOOD.
Shooting animals for sport - yeah, I have all kinds of problems with that.
Especially wolves.
I have never understood why mankind has had such a hard-on for wolves. The maniacal glee some take in destroying a species and stomping on the balance of nature totally baffles me.

There is enough evidence available to prove the intelligence of wolves and the fact that they will leave you the fuck alone if you don't wipe out their food source. What is so damn hard about respecting the right of a species to live?

I posted this somewhere previously but it warrents reposting along with this topic.
It hurts my heart every time i watch it. And shows that mankind has learned nothing... not a damn thing since lumbering out of the neanderthal caves.


nitebyrd said...

This is a topic close to my heart. It's cruel. DOW is one charity I give to whenever I'm able.

Paul said...

There is something disturbed in killing anything for fun. Getting enjoyment from killing things is a sign of an unevolved, primitive consciousness and anyone who does it should not be trusted in any capacity.

Gadfly said...

And they want to cull the wolves so they won't eat completely unprotected livestock grazing openly on federally-controlled lands WITH THE REST OF THE WOLVES' PREY SPECIES!!

If you want the benefit of grazing your cattle on the free federal land -- you have to accept the fact that there are predators out there. You must accept the expense of protecting your herd in order to gain the financial advantage of the free grazing land!

But NO! Corporate beef raisers want LESS WOLVES for the shareholders!!