Friday, October 30, 2009

Pretty cool happening that show listeners and facebook peeps got a heads up on. i thought some of y'all in bloggyland might like to hear about it too. The Moronic Ox Literary Arts and Cultural Journal picked up this week's show article and republished it here:

Nice bit of PR for the show and gave me a total "squee-girl" moment. heh.

Happy Halloween everyone- i'll be halloween partying online tonight and then at a girls-only party tomorrow night.


Karl said...

Good afternoon Lakota,

I enjoyed your part of the show. Hope you get a cut for helping to promote the show.

Have a Happy Halloween!

Paul said...

Congratulations! And Happy Samhain to you too.

Whitenoise said...

Wow, that photo was a treat. Happy Hallowe'en, Lakota.