Monday, October 12, 2009


Have you ever been tempted over and over on a daily basis to do something you just KNOW you shouldn't do because it will just end up biting you in the ass? You resist daily, but can feel the pull, the allure of the forbidden calling you... tempting you to just... give... in. Even though you know it would be a gihugant mistake, you feel yourself waffling on the edge of giving in. The dark side of yourself whispers "just go on and do it. It will bother you over and over and over, every day, if you don't." Stoopid dark side. Meanwhile the other side of yourself is squealing "Danger, Will Robinson! Danger! Danger!"
No, I'm not talking about sex. Or chocolate! Geez.

My personal temptation would mean nothing to you and probably seem inconsequential. The question though, is are YOU ever tempted to do something that you are 99.9999% sure is a mistake?

Do you do it... or do you find the strength to resist? And if you resist, do you wonder what if....?


Whitenoise said...

you mean like sleeping with flight attendants? ;-)

Lakota said...

Hey Cap'n! That's never been a temptation for me - but if it is for you please advise how i sign up to be a flight attendant. :P