Thursday, October 8, 2009


Digging my way out of the post-work hell trench. Now i'm playing catchup on all those things left to the wayside such as stories, book edits, chasing down an agent, painting, blogging, recontacting friends.

Tonight I have a long-ass and very grueling shoot. This year though I'm wearing pants and avoiding escalators. Just call me elevator girl.

Tomorrow i'm indulging in the annual greek fest and going to bury my face in gyro heaven. Then saturday I'm swinging by the hispanic festival to hang with hispanic community for a bit. I missed going last year and the cultural group noticed AND called me on it. Ooops. So I promised to stop by this year no matter what.

Sunday I have writers' group, which I have missed for the past month due to work, so I'm fairly excited about jumping back in with my homeys. I suspect I will get royally bitch-slapped for not having finished the sending of query letters. I deserve it.

Working on my Angel/Demon story. And thinking of opening a second blog - one that is just for writing and book talk since I seem to be using this predominantly for the show and babble. I need to get back into my online writers' network and keep in touch with my friends there more consistently. I miss them.


billy pilgrim said...

i avoid greek fests like the plague.

Paul said...

Go you! You are amazing, Lakota. If honesty, intelligence and integrity count for anything you are the Queen of the Scene.