Monday, July 21, 2008


So, I had Writers Group again yesterday. I'm always a nervous wreck going to the meetings and end up having such a fabulous time there. I mean, these are some seriously talented writers in the group.
And then there's me.
With my erotic paranormal story.
I keep waiting and waiting for them to out me as a fake.
Instead, the entire group has been beyond supportive and laughs out loud at all the right parts, squirms in their chairs at the sexy parts, and are really identifying with my characters.

This week I brought a chapter that didn't have any sex in it (gasp) and dealt with some messy emotional scenes and confrontations. Not easy to write and I had edited the shit out of it AGAIN before going to the meeting. I just knew this was going to be the meeting where they all redlined me to hell and back.
And they loved it. Said I did emotional scenes very well.
I think i may have actually blushed at the praise.
Praise from this group of professional, talented writers is high praise indeed. So like, maybe I might not suck so much after all....

Anyone else out there feel terrified every time you lay forth your words to others?

Final Note: Two releases this week - Roscoe James (birthday boy) has White Swan coming out today and Melody Lane has Rock Me coming out Wed. at Ellora's Cave.


Lisa Andel said...

Where's the Poetry Train?

Lisa Andel said...

Erm... just read the post, and wanted to say, OF COURSE. Every story I write has a lot of myself in it, so yeah, I'm apprehensive of what others think.

Lakota said...

I'll go bitchslap the Goddess about the Train. I guess I should post something here huh? I worked only on my book this weekend though.

You nervous? Wow. But your shit's so GOOD. Reading your excerpts last week I just kept shaking my head and thinking "dayum Lis - you iz brilliant." No, really - i did.

ozymandiaz said...

I'm never nervous but the only person I know in RL who reads my poetry also fucks my brains out on a regular basis so I believe she is somewhat biased.

Anonymous said...

Lesse, uh...yes! Pretty much every time, even when I KNOW my audience is going to be appreciative.

Lakota said...

Well, and your shit is SO good Ozy. I mean, if i wrote like you - dood, i wouldn't sweat a second of it. :)

Rob, i hear yeah sweets. Course you've got some freakin awesome talent going on so stop it with the self-conscious thing already. You're GOOD.

Riff Dog said...

I still get nervous to this day (songs, not poetry.) But I think that makes the rewards of people liking your work that much sweeter.

Lakota said...

writing and/or playing songs Riffy?
and damn, i'd give alot to hear either. not possible i know, but a girl can dream. ;)
I have no doubt you create extraordinary creative pieces.