Monday, July 14, 2008

It's the Poetry Thing


You slid quietly
into my life
the wisp of a forbidden dream,
wrapping your arms around me
and refusing to be denied.

Ignoring every protest
crossing tattered barriers
that i tiptoe behind,
you look deeper
seeing further than most.

Flight or fight
you caught me
dancing between,
just long enough
to surround me

Spreading arms
wide open
in acceptance,
you feed me hope
and i feel myself falling


Lisa Andel said...

Hey, I not only understand this poem, I've been there myself. Cool.

Lakota said...

LMAO! ~doing happy dance~
so like, it doesn't totally suck?

Joy Renee said...

oh how those wispy forbidden dreams do slip across tattered barriers reminding us whence we came...

great imagery!

Lakota said...

Grinning @ Joy... imagery iz about all it has going for it. well, that and being heartfelt.

Jill said...

Have you had an unwanted stalker,Kota?
Some people just seem to get under your skin, and it is kind of scary!

Lakota said...

oh good goddess no Jilly! Not the intended message of this poem. Hopefully my stalkeree days are behind me. I gotz lots of strong alpha menz friends to protect me these days. ~grin~

Lakota said...

errr... that last one was a joke of course - i'm kickass feminist, don't need to hide behind my alpha menz. {{much}}

Lakota said...

hey... where the hell did my linky thing go?

Anonymous said...

Some folks just won't take no for an answer and that's not always a bad thing. ;)

Lakota said...

Very true Missy. Does cause quite the dilemia (sp?) for menz though - to chase or not to chase? Restraining order or no restraining order? LOL!

Gadfly said...

And some alpha menz recognize, appreciate and support your independence. They just let you know that you've got some friend arms to wrap you up, in case you ever have need of them :o)

Riff Dog said...

Finally made it over here and I have to say, this is great stuff! (Badly constructed . . . ha!)

Not that I had any doubts . . .

ozymandiaz said...

That confusion is a two way street. There is no fine line between stalking and undeniable romantic endeavor. The "won't take no for an answer" thing can land you in love or in prison. Is saying "no" simply enough? Does "no" truely always mean no?
cuss I've got stories.
This could become a major string...

Anonymous said...

Well executed. You convey an image of substatial uncertainty very well here, a sort of willing oppressed feel. It all seems to hinge on that last word, which in and of itself lies ill defined, left to the reader to question. Is 'home' good or bad, safe or unwanted? Very much a poem to ponder in relation to ones self. Thank-you once again for sharing your gift.

Jill said...

No stalker, but talking to yourself Lakota?

Anonymous said...

Gorgeous. Drifting down like a feather poem and home was a wonderful place to end,

L.P. said...

i count my blessings everyday Gaddy-love that I have you as my friend.

~blushing~ thanks Riffy. When my book comes out you get an autographed copy since you've been hugely helpful on insights to the male perspective.

Ozy, It does lead to a number of tangent thoughts and i may just do a post about "no" and non-"no" - you wanna help?

I think this poem was more open to interpretation than i thought when i wrote it yesterday morning Rob. Not a bad thing with art/writing i suppose.

Alway Jilly. Sometimes I'm the only one that understands what i'm saying.

High praise coming from the maestro, Paul. ~kisses for you~

villageidiot said...

this was as lovely as the writer.

L.P. said...

~wrapping arms around you for a big, big hug and doghead noogie~
i'm so glad you liked.
i missed you.
it's been like years!

okay, so maybe a wee bit of exaggeration there.

Anonymous said...

i esp like "wisp of a forbidden dream"

and the way the poem follows the process of the seductiveness of love...

Lakota said...

thanks Arty! words have power and i still have mixed feelings about writing this one, but it expressed what i was feeling... and a bit more if the interpretations are any clue. :P