Monday, July 21, 2008

Dark poem#1835 :D

Here's an old one from last year.
Really dark. REALLY really DARK.
I can get kinda pissy sometimes.... (pardon the use of your word Pissy-darlin')

In the Dark of Your Night

Foul beast
that slinks in shadows,
hyena grin

believing you have them all fooled.

Death is your closest companion
a bosum buddy
to warm you in the lonely nights
when you accept

that you have nothing left to lose.

The blackness within multiplies
in beautiful decay
and there is a joy
in the tainting

of everything you touch.

Lashing out
at the inevitable,
the inner rage simmering as
your forced smile
bleeds to grimace
and destruction is

all you have left to share.

(the poem wraps up with sticking my tongue out. It's a performance piece.)


Susan Helene Gottfried said...

Yeah. I've had these days.

I'll post something Train-ish later on. I just joined the swanky gym and am reeling from the experience. And I need to buy new workout clothes for this place...

Lisa Andel said...

I'm with Susan. I've had these days... er... weeks.

ozymandiaz said...

Dark indeed
this one has a snarl to it

Daisy Dexter Dobbs said...

"Foul beast that slinks in shadows, hyena grin"

Aha! That's exactly what I was thinking about you, Kota, after you posted that comment on my blog! LOL Of course that's before I FINALLY figured out who you are.

You can read the tortured reply I left for you on my blog--and the follow up comment I left about 7 minutes later when, through extremely deft detective work, your real identity finally dawned on me.

Shame on you, woman, for screwing with my head! And BIG congrats on finally doing what you were born to do!

Hey . . . why the hell isn’t my link on your blog? I’m putting up one for you and expect a reciprocal one. You owe me that much after making my teensy brain smoke and sizzle first thing on a Monday morning. ;-)

Lakota said...

ummm - Suz... what's the diff between normal gym and swanky gym? Sweat smell bettah? ~giggling~

I hear ya sistah. Lisa, you'z blogging on vacation? That's what i call dedication, girl. :D

Ozy-love, i know i seem all sweetness and innocence usually but i can have a mean bite sometimes. no really. stop laughing at me. >_<

Wuh-oh. I'z about to have my butt spanked by Daisy. I'm sorry shugah, i was trying to let everyone know where/who i am without flatout SAYING it. {you know - the whole rationale behind a penname thing}
and i will forever and ever adore you for giving me that push i needed. Yeah, 'spect that name dedication thingy in the front of the book. :P

and yes'm - right on the link thing m'am. ~smooch~

Anonymous said...

That is evily beautiful. I can see myself in it sneaking up behind you. And it would make a fantastic performance piece. (youtube? podcast?).

Lakota said...

ooooh - it would make a great performance piece with two people, Paul! Images skulking around in my head now!

The weirdest thing about this poem - i was really, really pissed at a friend. i've since forgiven him for whatever had pissed me off (i can't even remember what for, but i'm sure he was totally in the wrong) but he's now become terminally ill with cancer. Makes my poem kinda freaky, huh? Life sure is full of strange coincidences.

On it's own merits i like it and the biting power of the words.

Julia Phillips Smith said...

These lines really appeal to me:

'your forced smile
bleeds to grimace'

Don't know if that's a good thing or a scary thing...

Anonymous said...


destruction is
all you have left to share


you can be pissy!

Lakota said...

thanks Julia - i liked those lines too. they seemed to work together, in a sort of bloody way. O.o

LOL! Ummm... yeah. I can be Arty.