Friday, March 6, 2009

Barbie Gets a Tramp Stamp!

Yay! Barbie is breaking out of her box again and now comes with tattoos. Probably little hearts, unicorns, and butterflies. (I found a picture...heehee.)
It's kind of funny that Miss Thang getting a tattoo is such a hot and controversial news topic. For me it is more of a social commentary of what is hot and what is not.

I'm beginning to think that much like punk music that ends up as regurgitated elevator musak, (just possibly a sign that it is no longer "edgy" or "cool"???) once something is packaged with a barbie, its day is done.

I'd say next up would be Barbie getting her clit pierced, but i don't think she has one.
Hmmmm... poor thing can't even get nipple rings.
Anyway - this cracked me up.
Someone point me to the nearest laser removal shoppe.
Oh, and I'm scrubbing "stylin" from my vocabulary.

Barbie caught up in tattoo controversy
Updated: 22:01, Thursday March 5, 2009
Barbie may have turned 50 last month but there's no slowing her down.
She has reinvented herself yet again, but there's controversy over her latest fashion accessory.
'Totally stylin' tattoos' Barbie has recently hit shelves in the US.
The doll comes complete with body-art stickers, which can be placed anywhere on her body.
Some die-hard Barbie fans are less than impressed with the new addition.
I guess I am old school now, but that would not fly, I would not buy that for my granddaughters,' American grandmother Beth Kirkpatrick said.
Mattel says it has no plans to discontinue the doll and says it gives girls a chance to express themselves.

Interestingly enough, they did discontinue a Tattoo Barbie ten years ago when there were protests. Watching the shifts in attitudes on what evolves into acceptable cultural norms in any given decade can be an intriguing and amusing passtime.


Karl said...

Good Morning Lakota,

In honor of Barbie turning 50.


Susan Helene Gottfried said...

Given that these aren't permanent, under the skin tats, I have no issues with them. In my book, they're the same thing as the fake tats my kids dig.

Unknown said...

Hello *waves*

billy pilgrim said...

what ever happened to ken after barbie dumped him?

Wylie Kinson said...

Barbie made it into the 21st century, did she?
I'm waiting for Botox Barbie, myself *hee*

And Billy... haven't you heard? Ken 'came out' and is GI Joe's new bottom ;)