Monday, March 23, 2009

Monday Poetry - Distancing

this is an older poem - one that plays with the impact of certain words, how they are treated (symbolic irony there if you read between the lines...heh) and pause breaks, before and after certain words. This one really works better in audio, so pretend you are HEARing it when you read it. :D


lip curls

a sneer
so smooooooooth
and slicing
i won't feel
the cut –


**oh yes**
when blood begins to

your grail
from which both our lips
drank deeply

heartbound and binding – then


shiny it shatters



me – my gaze
no more, no.

NOT now

never again
will your gifting
scald and burn –

the past has gone up
in flames.

Pass the marshyMELLOWs
If you please?


Julia Phillips Smith said...

Here's the link to Poetry Train Revisited - you know you wanna...

I like how you've ended this painful, scalding burn with a marshmallow roast.

Anonymous said...

I dunno bout poems but it was arrrrite by me!

Brooke London said...

I like how the poem rolled off my lips, the cadence of the words almost sibilant and alive.
And the 'between the lines' commentary is dead on. :))

Susan Helene Gottfried said...

Your poetry, kota, rolls. It's sensuous. No, it's sinuous. Know the difference?

And it's always loaded with such strong emotion. I always connect to it. I hope you'll bring us more!

Anonymous said...

The audible in my head was AsTOUNding on this one. Really well donne!

(and, sorry, I so pictured you saying the word sneer as this poem would demand it, Yum! ;P)

Ann said...

Awesome poem. :)

Shelley Munro said...

I liked the sounds and the way it flowed. Great poem, Lakota.

I've been hiding in my cave. I hope things are great with you. ;)

Roxy Harte said...

Nice imagery!

Like it lots;)