Thursday, March 12, 2009

Dancing in the Dark - Poem 2007

Dancing in the Dark

An elaborate dance
of strategic moves,
one must retreat
for the other to advance.

Backward slides
and forward glides
we tease, plead and cajole
both trying to lead
in this elaborate dance.

Our rhythm out of synct
our timing slightly off,
we touch skin to skin, mind to mind
heart to heart then spin away
until inexplicably we're drawn together again
in this elaborate dance.


Gadfly said...

And with whom are we dancing? Nice :o)

Lakota said...

Whoot! GADDY! :D
My dance card is empty so i'm dancing in the dark alone. But it also means i can't step on any toes with my usual gracelessness! :P

Karl said...

Good Afternoon Lakota,

Never let the worry of stepping on toes, keep you from experiencing the elaborate dance.

Anonymous said...

one could almost think this was about having sex, right? ;P

(or just about every relationship, intimate or otherwise, you have with another in life) I like it.

Susan Helene Gottfried said...

I like. On many levels.

Kota, you've got it going on, my friend.