Saturday, March 14, 2009

Poem - If I knew Then

If I knew Then

if i knew then what i know now

i would have thrown myself

..............against the sky

arms spread wide

wrapped in clouds

as i leapt

.....trusting that life would catch me.


if i knew then what i know now
i could have danced wildly

..............wearing a midnight cloak

playing with stars

in fearless abandon

embracing the unknown


it only hurts for a moment

.....when you fall.


Anonymous said...

It does only hurt a moment when you fall...
And often the pleasure is worth the moments pain.

Susan Helene Gottfried said...

Or even a week, but then someone will invariably surprise me and turn the entire situation around.

Lovely, lovely poem, my friend. Btw, check me out at (I'm only a member, not an author); you'll dig my blog post...

Anonymous said...

That is a very cool poem, Lakota. The structure, rhythm and the sounds all working together to reinforce the idea. It rolls and tumbles down to a neat landing.

Josh said...

Succinct but thought-provoking... just how I like them. :)

Iron Pugilist said...

... and here I thought you forgot about me. I love your work. Give me some time to catch up.

Lakota said...

Very true Massa Sage. As someone once pointed out after reading this poem - it's not so much the falling as the landing that will get ya. :D

Sus, i've gathered up all my poems from the dead site and will be reposting here - so you'll be see lots of familiar ones. It was like visiting old friends when i went thru them last night. I'll come check out your post this morning. BTW - i'm finishing up Annie's Blue Diablo and then your book is up next for read and review. Wahoo.

GingaPaul - that means alot coming from you. I'm dreadfully insecure when it comes to my poems especially when i hold them up next to a talent like yours. I have some very very dark ones to share over the next few weeks.

Thanks Josh my sweetness! How the hell are you? Been thinking about you lately, wondering how you're getting on. Glad you liked. xxxx

Forget YOU IP? Never honey! You've been with me through several incarnations now and i'm so glad to see you here, where the real me sticks my toe into the sunlight, rather than hiding in the shadows. :P

billy pilgrim said...

let's jump in a black hole and rewrite history.

we could have fun long, long, long, long time.

Lakota said...

That we would Cabana Boy! Oh, the wicked, wicked fun we would have! :P

Gadfly said...


I love the artwork. Falling nude in bas relief ... captivating and disturbing *chuckle*

Lakota said...

just one of the reasons i lurv ya Gaddy - we both think disturbing is fascinating. :P

you should REALLY enjoy some of the dark poems i'll be posting. heeheeee.

Julia Phillips Smith said...

If you pack a tea bag, it stops the bleeding quicker upon landing. No lies!

Love your poem, Lakota - and the art piece, too. I feel like I'm in that pose lately. But that's a good thing.