Sunday, June 8, 2008

Blog Unveiling Flash Fiction Party - Thursday

Roscoe James suggested that I hold a flash fiction session here as part of the celebration / unveiling of my "official" author blog. Okay, so he has his uses. ~LOL!~
So this coming up thursday we'll play flash fiction over here.
Those that haven't written flash before it's alot of fun.
Stories have to be kept to 100 words not including title.
Sometimes there's a theme but in this case I say y'all can write about whatever tickles your fancy. Genres can be any bloody thing you prefer from erotica to horror to suspense to humor. Typos aren't held against you - nuh uh... it's hard enough to kept it at 100 words, screw the finicky shit. ~grin~

It gets to be ALOT of fun, especially when there are a group of people playing together at the same time. For an example of flash fiction fun go to Liquid Silver's SEx blog where they hold a flash fiction session every sunday.

As a writer what this can do for you is help you think creatively on your feet and force you to edit yourself to the center cut meat of a story. It's a wonderful tool for honing your writing.

To sweeten the pot, RJ is going to give away a copy of his newly released book. It has an indian princess in it. ~smirking~
Okay, okay, she's not a princess.
I can pretend though if I want to.
Hope you'll join me next thursday...
love, hugs and kisses

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