Thursday, June 12, 2008

Reminder - Flash Fiction Blog Party Tonight

Anyone planning on showing up to play with me?
~making sad, sad puppy begging eyes~

'Member - Roscoe James is giving away a book.
(your ass better be here RJ or i'm flying to Mexico and kickin' it)
- Starting between 5:30 and 6:00pm EST and running until 10pm EST
- open virtual bar - whatever likker your heart desires
- flash fiction with no rules on topic and no typo police
- i'll even throw in some virtual strippers
what more could you ask for?


Gadfly said...

Is there some place where I could read up on what the hell you're talking about? o_O

(yes, sometimes I'm so un-hip, it's a wonder my legs don't fall off)

Mike said...

Makes me want to put up the rest of that story I started on my blog.

You remember that story, Lakota?

cathouse teri said...

Well, as I told VE today in PRIVATE email (we have a personal thing like that going) I like my martinis like I like my men. Strong and dirty. Very dirty. So I'll have one of those, please!

I'm off to wander around the place to familiarize myself with what exactly a flash fiction writing blog is. I'll be easy to find, though. I mean, when my drink is ready. Who's serving? Do we have those hunks in the chaps and the cowboy hats tonight?

Lakota said...

SQUEEEE!!! my first party guest has arrived! I lurvs you Cat! Worship you even! And of course we have menz in chaps and hats and nothing else serving up the drinks. Shaken or stirred darling?
~snapping fingers~ Brandon, be a darling and see to Cat's every little need."

cathouse teri said...

Looks pretty fun so far! Damn, this is a good drink, too! Send mister wonderful back over here. I forgot to smack his ass!

ANYWAY, I already did some fiction writing, wherein I do a little bit of flashing. I'm not sure it counts as erotica, as I had to keep it at a PG rating.

And my girlfriend, Lakota, didn't even bother to drop by and read it the other day! What's up with that? (I think she needs spanking.)

So, here's the link. Make it easy for y'all.

Lakota said...

Gaddy - post further down outlines what flash fiction is - 100 words, in this case any topic. RJ usually drives these things cuz him iz da wiz as flashing. But he may be MIA tonight. I'm hoping not.

Mikey, baby! uhhh, do i get punished if i can't remember?

Lakota said...

I'll run over and see Cat I promise. Let's move the party one post up though so everyone can find us...

cathouse teri said...

Good plan, 'Kota babe! Well my thing ain't no hundred words!

I do so love your Working Poem, though. Absolutely breathtaking.

Susan Helene Gottfried said...

So? Let's party!

Lakota said...

SUSAN!!!! Jumping on Susan for a hug! Errmmm - next room up Suse.

Roscoe James said...

Forget about the RSVP! I see you're entirely too busy. No idea who you are cathouse but I love this line... can I use it in a book? It is so A type heroine...

I like my martinis like I like my men. Strong and dirty. Very dirty. So I'll have one of those, please!

And I'm still laughing at the whole hole in the wall thing. Haven't stopped counting the double meanings I can get out of that one.

So, where's the bartendress?

cathouse teri said...

She's in the room upstairs. :)

You can use whatever you like, babe.

Lakota said...

RJ - honey... i have your drink upstairs and a naked and willing wench that is ready to see your James Bond moves. ~heh~ sorry. i couldn't help it.